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The Caltrans Maintenance Department includes three Project Development sections that are responsible for preparing plans for projects that are generally related to reducing the efforts of the Maintenance department. Maintenance Engineering, Minor A, and Minor B projects, funded mostly with capital dollars ensure the safety of California's highways and freeways in San Diego and Imperial counties.

Maintenance Engineering works to produce scoping documents and develops plans for a numerous amounts of important projects. This portion of the Maintenance Department also details specifications and estimates on a variety of highway projects such as:

  • Auxiliary lanes.
  • Ramp rehabilitation.
  • Pavement grinding.
  • Operational improvements.
  • Maintenance Engineering also includes a sub-division called Maintenance Engineering Support. This branch of Maintenance Engineering provides valuable guidance for the San Diego and Imperial county district on Maintenance issues. The division works hard on projects that include:
    Developing Maintenance Agreements
    Managing Structures Maintenance work requests.
    Performing emergency investigations
    Assessing storm damage

    Minor Projects is a division of the Maintenance Department that is responsible for any project with a cost of less than $750,000. These projects generally come from the office of Design are awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.
    The Minor Projects Program is divided into two distinct types of projects. Both Minor A and Minor B projects differ in the processes they follow for design, advertising, and cost. However, both provide vital work for the safety of our highways and freeways.

    MINOR A:
    The Maintenance Minor A Department is involved in any projects ranging from $120,000 to $750,000. The projects follow the same process for design and advertisement as major construction projects however, they generally require a project report. Minor A projects are designed in the District and sent to Caltrans Headquarters in Sacramento for preparation of the construction contract and advertising. Its projects are very important to the quality of freeway and highway operations. Minor A usually performs tasks such as:

  • Minor operational improvements.
  • Pavement rehabilitation.
  • MINOR B:
    The Caltrans Minor B Department is responsible for all projects under $120,000. Minor B projects, unlike minor A, do not require a Project Report. Like Minor A projects however, Minor B projects are also designed in the District but the design package is sent to the Office of Procurement and Contracts in Irvine for advertising rather than to Sacramento. This transaction makes the processing time for Minor B projects is generally much quicker than Minor A projects. Minor B work includes vital projects that assure the stability and safety of San Diego and Imperial county's state freeways and highways including:

  • Drainage improvements.
  • Intersection improvements.
  • Electrical upgrades.
  • Minor landscape improvements.
  • Barrier installations.

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