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The Adopt-A-Highway program is an educational and worthwhile program that provides companies, small business, private or public organizations the opportunity to contribute in cleaning up and beautifying California. You can clean-up and beautify a stretch of California highway with the cooperation of Caltrans and a minimum of red tape. This is a great way to promote civic responsibility, community pride and camaraderie among your organization.

Groups can participate by removing litter, planting and establishing tree seedlings, planting wildflowers, removing graffiti or by financially sponsoring a litter sweeper or roadside rest area maintenance. Groups may do the work with their own people or hire a contractor to perform noted duties for any of the possible adoptions.

Public recognition is one of the main focuses with the Adopt-A-Highway Program. Caltrans places recognition sign(s) at the beginning of your adopted route in each direction. The signs are paid for and installed by Caltrans. When you complete the project your group will be recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Your commitment to the program depends upon the program chosen. The following programs are available:

  • Litter pickup - Pick up litter for two years on a two mile stretch of roadside (medians and pavement not included) from four to 12 times a year or more, if needed.

  • Graffiti removal - Clean or paint a section of wall for two years.

  • Tree Seedling or Wildflower Adoption - plant and establish approximately five acres of seedling of trees/shrubs for two years or plant approximately three acres of wildflowers according to an approved plan. A two acre slot is usually the normal size for this particular adoption. There is a financial commitment with these two types of adoptions.

  • In addition, all safety and permit requirements shall and must be followed.

    Safety gear (hard hats, orange vest, gloves, safety glasses) must be worn at all times. Caltrans will provide you with the appropriate gear to be worn. We will also provide you with free trash bags and dispose of the trash you collect. An encroachment permit will also be issued to your group at no charge. If you need assistance with the planting plans or need technical help, Caltrans staff will be available to assist you. We do not require insurance for volunteer participants.

    For more information on the program or on how to get started call Jerry Dart at 619-449-6139.

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