California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

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56 West Bound
Sep 23 '16 10:00:16
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Caltrans - District 11 Map
Carmel Creek Rd52 mph
E/O Carmel Creek Rd58 mph
Carmel Country Rd62 mph
W/O Carmel Valley Rd55 mph
Carmel Valley Rd67 mph
E/O Carmel Valley Rd65 mph
0.5 Mi E/O Carmel Valley65 mph
W/O Rancho Santa Fe Farms Rd65 mph
Rancho Santa Fe Farms64 mph
E/O Rancho Santa Fe Rd75 mph
0.5 Mi EO Rch Santa Fe Rd68 mph
Camino del Sur to 56 WB66 mph
E/O Camino del Sur71 mph
56 WB 0.5 Mi E/O Camino del Sur65 mph
Black Mountain Rd to 56 WB68 mph
E/O Black Mtn Rd74 mph
0.5 Mi E/O Black Mountain Rd65 mph
Rho Penasquitos65 mph
W/O 1558 mph