California Department of Transportation District 11 & San Diego & Imperial Counties

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125 North Bound
Jul 21 '17 16:19:46
Caltrans - District 11 Map
S/O Mission Gorge Rd75 mph
N/O Grossmont College Dr75 mph
S/O Grossmont College66 mph
Navajo Rd65 mph
Lake Angela Dr63 mph
Amaya Dr72 mph
8 EB Connector60 mph
8 WB Connector45 mph
Grossmont Blvd58 mph
Campo Rd14 mph
S/O Spring St8 mph
125 NB Connector7 mph
Troy St60 mph
Tyler St61 mph
Harness St61 mph
Jamacha Rd63 mph
Elkelton Place63 mph
N/O Toll Rdno data
S/O Rte 54no data
S/O Pedestrian Bridgeno data
1 Mi N/O Mt Miguel Rd56 mph
N/O Mt Miguel Rd67 mph
Mt Miguel Rd54 mph
S/O San Miguel Roadno data
N/O East H St65 mph
East H St66 mph
S/O East H St61 mph
N/O Otay Lakes Rdno data
Otay Lakes Rd61 mph
S/O Otay Lakes Rd62 mph
N/O Olympic Pkwyno data
S/O Olympic Pkwy60 mph
0.5 Mi S/O Olympic Pkwy64 mph
N/O Birch Rd68 mph
N Side Birch Rd67 mph
S Side Birch Rd62 mph
S/O Birch Rd68 mph
1 Mi S/O Birch Rdno data
0.5 Mi N/O Otay Riverno data
Otay River Bridge North End51 mph
Otay River Bridge South End62 mph
N/O Toll Plaza54 mph
N/O Rte 905no data