CONTRACT NO: 11-238304


In San Diego County At The El Cajon Overhead.

Approach Slab And Backwall To Be Constructed.

Advertise Date    04/17/00
Bids Open           06/01/00


DATE: 05/31/00

TIME: 17:00

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Inquiry No.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item #4, Repair Bearing, Plan Sheet 8 of 10
The Bearing Pad Manufacturer requires a 12 week lead time for the specified bearings. The Contract allows 50 working days. This does not allow enough time to complete the work. How will this be handled?

See Addendum No. 2. 

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Special Provisions Section 10-1.19
Where pavement subsealing has been  performed under existing approach slabs, the subsealing material shall  be removed for its full depth. Please define subsealing material.

Allowable materials used for subsealing are per Section 41 PAVEMENT SUBSEALING AND JACKING of the Standard Specifications. 

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=none
There is a metal beam guardrail w/ dike attached to the wingwall at the bridge site. There is no detail on how to construct the approach slab around it. Similar problem exists in the median where the single beam barrier crosses the approach slab. Please advise.

Bid it as you see it unless an addenda is issued. 

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item #10, Structural Concrete Approach Slab Type R, Special Provision Section10-1.19
Section 10-1.19 of the Special Provisions requires the concrete with non-chloride Type C chemical admixture to be prequalified prior to placement in conformance with the provisions for prequalification of concrete specified by compressive strength in Section 90-9.01 "General" of the Standard Specifications and the 4-hour average strength of 5 test cylinders as outlined in the Special Provisions. Does this mean the concrete also needs a 28 day prequalification test per the provisions of section 90-9.01? Please clarify.


Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item #10, Structural Concrete, Approach Slab (Type R), Special Provisions Section 10-1.19
Please confirm that the rebar in the Approach Slab is not epoxy coated.

The rebar in the approach slab is not epoxy coated.






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