CONTRACT NO: 11-237304


In Imperial County From Rte 8/98 Separation To 0.2 km East Of Sidewinder Road Overcrossing.

Roadway Surface To Be Joint  Sealed.

Advertise Date    12/06/99
Bids Open           01/13/00


DATE: 01/12/00

TIME: 15:00

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Inquiry No.
On sheet X-1 in the Notes number 4, it states "joints shall be filled to a minimum depth of three times the width and trowelled flush to the surface of the pavement".  The typical joint seal details on sheet X-1 shows "the poured joint sealant recessed 10+ or -1 mm". Is there a conflict between these notes?

See Addendum 1.

 In the Special Provisions, Section 10-1.12 Seal Joints reference is made of random cracks.  In the contract Proposal & Contract, there is no line item for random cracks.  Item code number 414101, list 66,600 m of transverse joints only.  Upon making a physical inspection of the work area, we find that there is substantial amount of random cracks present.  Will there be a separate line item for the random cracks to repair. How will the repair of the random cracks be paid?

Extra Work at Force Account, see Section 10-1.12 SEAL JOINTS of the Special Provisions.

In the onsite inspection it was noted that there are a substantial amount of spalls in the pavement surfaces.  Will these spalls be repaired prior to the joint sealing operation?  Also it was noted that in the work areas some of the longitudinal joints appear to need repair.  Will the longitudinal joints be repaired later?

Bid it as you see it.




Is there a engineer's estimate of costs established on the above project?  In our earlier RFI dated December 27, 1999 we had inquired about a cost line item for random cracks would the random cracks change the cost estimate?

No. See Section 10-1.12 SEAL JOINTS of the Special Provisions. 

The Eastbound section of the project has the majority of the random cracks and pavement spalls in it.  The Westbound section of the project has basically unsealed transverse and longitudinal joints, with very few random cracks and spalls.  Which section encompasses the project limits?  The estimated quantity of only 66,600m only represents one section of work.

The estimated quantities and limits of work are shown in the plans and special provisons. 

Could you please provide a slurry disposal area close to the above project site.

Granite - Ocotillo/Amex
Shell Canyon Road
North of  I-8
Ocotillo, CA
Contact : Jeff Mercer (760) 337-3030







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