CONTRACT NO: 11-294504
ROUTE / PM 11-SD-78-3.5/5.8
LOCATION In San Diego County In Oceanside And Vista From 0.2 Mile East Of College Boulevard Undercrossing To 0.1 Mile West Of Melrose Drive Undercrossing.
DESCRIPTION Install Outer Separation Concrete Barrier.
ESTIMATE $3,720,000


BID OPENING 08/11/2011
08/10/2011@ 14:30

Bid Summary

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Inquiry No.



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Var

Question= Please provide Cross sections that define the vertical pavment offset dimensions for Type 60C Concrete Barrier.

  • Your inquiry has been received and is being reviewed. Thank you for your patience
  • Please refer to Addendum #1 and Information Handout #2 above



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Items 50 and 51 Type 60 Barriers Mod 1 and Mod 2 Sheet 87 (C-1)

Question= The details for these barriers show a 12" barrier top and 6" batters whereas the standard Type 60 barrier has a 12.5" top and 5.75" batters. Both have a 24" bottom width at a 36" height. Is it permissable to use the standard Type 60 barrier dimensions for the upper 36" of the Type 60 Mod 1 and Type 60 Mod 2 barriers?

  • Please refer to Addendum #1 above



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Section 10-1.15, MAINTAINING TRAFFIC, the project entails work on both the westbound and eastbound roadways. There are no lane closure charts for the westbound roadway and the lane closure charts for the eastbound roadway require that 2 lanes be kept open of the 3 lanes that exist in that reach.

Question= The traffic handling plans provide for concrete K-rail to be placed in both eastbound and westbound roadways. It is not safe to deliver and place K-rail inside a closure of a single lane with high speed traffic in the adjscent 2 lanes. While most of the operation is performed by a crane interacting with a transport truck, workmen will be required to be on the ground during this unloading and loading operation. In the interests of the safety of the workmen and the travelling public, please provide land closure charts for two lanes to be closed at the work locations in both the eastbound and westbound roadways for sufficient shifts (max 10 inbound and 10 outbound) to deliver & place and then, upon completion of the work, reload & offhaul concrete K-rail.

  • Please refer to Addendum #1 above



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Various

Question= Traffic Charts #1 thru # 7 do not provide any information for work hours and shoulder/lane closure time along Plaza Drive. The work, as shown on plan sheet X-2 will likely require some shoulder/lane closure. Please provide your direction by a traffic chart for Plaza Drive.

  • Please refer to Addendum #1 above



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Item 51 - Type 60 Mod 2 Barrier - Page 17 (C-1) of the plans.

Question= 1.Is it permissable to have a construction joint at approximately ground level on the Type 60 Mod 2 Barrier assuming we add #5 dowels similar to the detail for the Type 60 Mod 1 Barrier.

  • The current contract documents do not permit a construction joint at approximately the ground level on the Type 60 Mod 2 barrier rail.  Please refer to Section 51-1.13 “Bonding” of the Standard Specifications for additional information regarding construction joints during construction.



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= N/A- Special Provision 10-1.25- Cleaning Inspecting and Preparation Host Pipe

Question= Ref Special Provision Section 10-1.25-Cleaning Inspecting and Preparation Host Pipe- As currently provided for this work is complex, appears to require some pre-qualified experienced specialty contractor, is far removed from work covered in any Standard Specification in the 2006 Amennded Standards, involves many work tasks and is only to be measured and paid for as .."included in the contract unit price per cyd for concrete invert paving''... This is ambiguous, undefined, unclear and is inappropriate. Request that you reconsider and provide for all this work as Extra Work after award of contract. If this is not your pre bid intent, than issue an addendum that provides all required design information of existing pipe, including flow rates for materials that run through the pipe, access to the source of water flow, and your rquiremnent for diversion; the anticipated quantities of pressure grouted repair; the anticipated quantity for CCTV inspections; quantity for replacement of backfill and bedding below the pipe invert; quantity for high velocity cleaning equipment and air moving; tunnel safety requiremnets ?? and quantity for pay pipe repair.

  • Please bid per the current contract documents.



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= VARIOUS


1- Your response to previous Pre Bid Question # 6 is non-responsive to the question. Request that the current (deficient) contract documents be amennded to either define your estimated quantities for the many work tasks involved, and provide bid item(s) for those work tasks, or delete this vauge and undefined/non-quantified work from the contract.

  • The contract documents associated with the work in question #6 have been used successfully on previous projects.  Please bid per the current contract documents.

2- Please provide a traffic chart to define hours of work and LANE closure at W/B Rte 78, Sta 246+29 to 250+ 90+/- and 275+00 to 331+75+/- so that work of installing Type E Asphalt Dike can be performed.

  • Please refer to Addendum #1 above



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= 1-Item 25 Roadway Excavation
2-Electrical Detail Type 15 Mod Electrolier
3-Plan and Special Provision Approvals..


1- The quantity Table of Earthwork Quantities, Plan Sheet 64 appears to have incorrectly included standard Roadway Excavation quantities that are necessary for Class 2 Agg Base, in a "Non Pay" footing excavation quantification. Please review and adjust the quantity of Item 25 before the bid date.

  • Please see Section 83-2.04 “Payment” of the Standard Specifications - "The contract prices paid per linear foot for concrete barrier of the type or types listed in the Engineer's Estimate shall include full compensation for furnishing all ....... and for doing all the work involved in constructing the concrete barriers, complete in place, including.... excavation and backfill ....".  The quantities provided in the contract documents have been reviewed and are correct.  Please bid per the current contract documents.

2-Ref. Plan Sheet 65, Detail Aand Standard Plan ES-6D. There is no provision in the barriers of this contract to provide for the type of concrete barrier indicated by this detail. Please review and clarify before the bid.

  • Please see Standard Plan ES-6D, as referred to on plan sheet 65, Detail 'A'. The barrier in question is to be paid for under contract item #48 Concrete Barrier (Type 60), and the luminaire is paid for under contract item #54 Lighting and Sign Illumination.  Please bid per the current contract documents.

3- Have the engineers who approved the Special Provisions reviewed the Plans? Have the engineers who approved the Plans, reviewed the Special Provisions?

  • Your comment has been noted.



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

Question= 1- Why are you posting " Contractor's Interpretations" to Pre-Bid Questions??

  • Corrected.



Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Item #34, 22" CIDH pile. Relative to the GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN REPORT.

Question= The Geo Report borings indicate SOLID IGNEOUS ROCK at depths of 5.0', 2.5', and 2.5' where the plans call for 22" CIDH pile extending to a depth of 8 feet below grade under the type 60 Mod 2 concrete barrier rail.  Is it the intent of Caltrans to require the 22" CIDH pile to be installed by drilling through SOLID IGNEOUS ROCK?

  • Please refer to Section 7.5 “Excavation Characteristics” and Section 9.4 “Construction Advisories” of the “Geotechnical Design Report” regarding anticipated excavation and drilling conditions at the site and the type of excavation equipment that will be required to attain the required pile depths.  Please bid per the contract documents.



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