CONTRACT NO: 11-224314
ROUTE / KP 11-SD-5-R58.7/R60.6
LOCATION In San Diego County In Solana Beach From 1.5 Km South To 0.4 Km North Of Lomas Santa Fe Undercrossing.
DESCRIPTION To Construct Northbound And Southbound Lanes.

A + B Bidding
ESTIMATE $ 9,500,000
BID OPENING 01/25/2007
FINAL POSTING 01/24/07    @   17:30


Sim J. Harris Inc.
A) $9,975,000.00    B) 150 DAYS
A) $10,035,797.80  B) 150 DAYS
Ortiz Enterprises
A) $9,949,824.00    B) 200 DAYS

The Caltrans District 11 Office is located at 2829 Juan Street, San Diego, CA 92110. The mailing address is P.O. Box 85406, San Diego, CA 92186-5406. The District 11 Duty Senior telephone number is (619) 688-6635. Please submit all inquiries in the proper format by fax to (619) 688-6988 or e-mail to:
The responses to bidder' inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addenda to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The responses may be considered along with all other information furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding on the project. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder' inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.
Caltrans District 11 Construction Department has developed this method of answering Bidder's Inquiries to better serve the needs of the Contractors who bid on our Projects. Caltrans District 11 Construction Department will post all of the questions submitted by any of the contractors that are registered Planholders for that Contract, but reserves the right to not answer any questions deemed unsatisfactory for public viewing.
The BIDDER'S INQUIRIES & RESPONSES will be updated continuously and all attempts will be made to do the final posting by 15:00 on Wednesday prior to the bid opening.




Inquiry No.
R:12/28/06 R:01/08/07


Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

Question= I need to know if there are any cd's available with cross sections or any other material with information on this job other than the Plans and Specs we have ordred.  Please let me know how or where I can obtain any of the information.

  • Project information per section 5-1.17 of the Special Provision is available as follows:
  • Information available for inspection at the District Office (4050 Taylor Street San Diego CA 92110) is as follows:
  • A. Structure Foundation Design Report, Lomas Santa Fe Drive at Interstate 5 Interchange, Bridge No. 57-0479 L/R, EA Number 11-224302, dated April 3, 2006.
  • B. "Geotechnical Design Report, Lomas Santa Fe at Interstate 5 Interchange, Bridge Number. 57-0479 R/L    11-SD-5- KP 37.58, EA Number 11-224300, Solana Beach, San Diego, California." Prepared by Southern California Soil  and Testing, dated October 7, 2005.
  • C. Temporary Cuts Addendum, to "Geotechnical Design Report, Lomas Santa Fe at Interstate 5 Interchange, Bridge Number 57-0479 R/L 11-SD-5-KP 37.58, EA 11-224300, Solana Beach, San Diego, California", dated June 28, 2006.
  • D. Cross Sections: Cross Sections will be posted on the website as soon as available. 
  • E. Site Investigation Report
  • Cross sections are available as of 01/08/07 and can be downloaded for printing from the link above at any local printing firm or on your own printing equipment: 
     5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5 
     San Diego, CA 92123 
     (858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558 
     e-mail to San Diego, CA 92123

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=5-1.17 Project Information

Question= Please provide directions to bidders for obtaining project information outline in the Special Provisions Page 124, Item A,B,C,D and E.
  • Please refer to the response to question No. 1

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Section 3-1.025 of the Special Provisions

Question=Section 3-1.025 of the Special Provisions requires significant documentation of insurance coverage, including copies of policies, notice of election to self-insure (no form included), and a declaration by a CPA that the bidder has sufficient funds to cover the self-insurance amounts. Please delete this section in its entirety as it is extremely burdensome to provide such additional documentation of insurance coverages.
  • Please bid per the current contract documents.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Special Provisions, Section 4,
Beginning of work... Paragraph 6, states "The Contractor shall pay to the
State of California the sum of $10,500 per day, for each and every calendar
day's delay in finishing the phase one work after the number of working days
specified for the opening of the southbound widening on State Highway Route
5.  Paragraph 7, states "The Contractor shal pay to the State of California
the sum of $4,600 per day, as liquidated damages,for each and every calendar
day's delay in finishing the work after the expiration of teh number of
working days bid.  The PROPOSAL form has a space to enter ONE space in which
to enter the number of working days bid.

Question=The question is: it appears that there are two different time
constraints specified in the referenced Special Provisions section, and only
provision for one time constraint commitment to be made on the PROPOSAL
form. PLEASE CLARIFY!  Additinally, the Special Provisions section,
paragraph 6, uses the term "phase one"; and the plans use the terminology of
STAGE 1A, STAGE 1B, STAGE 1C.  Please define what is meant by "phase one".

  • This project has an internal time set for opening the southbound widening to public traffic.  The special provisions refer to this as phase one and  the number of days to complete this work is included in the Order of Work of the Special Provisions. Completion of the project within the number of days bid is for the total project. The proposal is for the total number of days to build the project.


Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Bid Item 4 - Health & Safety Plan

Question=I am unable to find the descrition and method of payment for the Health & Safety Plan in the Special Provisions. Please provide this information.
  • Please refer to the above Addendum.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item No. 41 Rdway Exc, Aerially Lead  Plan Sheet No. C-3

Question= 1 show undercut of pavement section to facilitate burial of AEL +_ .5m. How is this paid?
  • It is paid as Roadway Excavation.
The states qty for ADL only covers the removal of existing ADL not the undercut.
  • The material under the existing pavement is not considered to have any ADL contamination.
2 Section 10-1.38....."covered with a layer of pavement" yet plan sheet C-3 shows  placing outside  pavement footprint. Which is correct? 
  • Sheet C-3 reflects a minimum of 1.0 meter  of  cover over the placed ADL contaminated material outside the limit of pavement, which is correct.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 49, Geosynthetic Embankment Reinforcement, Section 10-1.34, Page 200 under "Material Configuration Specifications" both Subpart A & B refer to the LTDS as shown on the plans.

Question=Please provide the LTDS as referenced in the above mentioned specification section.
  • Please bid per the current contract documents.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Plan sheet X-1, Page 2 of 176, in the Existing Structural Sections, Diamond (C) shows 686 MM of AC.

Question=Is that depth correct? 2.25 Feet of AC pavement?

  • 686 MM  of AC  is a typo. It should be 86mm (0.29 feet) per the as-built.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 72 (S-F), Sound Wall (Transparent Panel), Page 173 of 176 Under the design notes.

Question=The plans call for a minimum thickness of 16 MM on the Sound Wall Transparent Panel.  The glass cost for this thickness of tempered glass will be significantly higher than using 12.7 MM (1/2" thick tempered glass) which is the standard on many other jobs with transparent panels.
  • Please bid per the current contract documents.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item #50, Soil Nail Assembly, Sheet
153 of 176, Special Provision Section 10-1.36 (page 208).

Question=M, the Maximum Test Load for Test Soil Nails equals 656 kN (147
kips), which exceeds the Yield Load of a #11 Grade 520 bar.  Please
specify a reduced test load or an anchor tendon that can take the
specified load.
  • Please bid per the current contract documents.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 49, Geosynthetic Embankment
Reinforcement. Plan sheet 17, Special Provision Section 10-1.34, subsection
"Backfill" contains a table of properties that the backfill is required to
meet.  One of those properties is a gradation that, in effect, requires the
backfill to contain a minimum of 30%, by weight, particles larger than
4.75mm (No. 4).

Question=It is a virtual certainty that there is no material available on
the project within the roadway excavation that meets this gradation. This
means that all of this material must be imported and shall be equivalent to
class 2 aggregate base.  Further,this imported material would add to the
already substantial amount of export of roadway excavation that is surplus
to the job.  At current market prices and a volume based on the contract
quantity of geogrid fabric, (approximately 5,000 cubic meters), the added
cost of importing aggregate base and exporting the displaced roadway
excavation could impact the project in the range of $250,000 to $300,000.
This seems to be poor value engineering.  There are a great number of
geosynthetic embankments that have been constructed with material that was
locally available and of far lower quality (and cost) than is specified for
this job, and there are other less costly solutions to the problem that this
geosynthetic embankment is intended to solve.
Isn't there a better idea than this?
  • Please bid per the current contract documents.

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 65(F)Grind Existing Concrete Pavement, Special Provision Section 10-1.48

Question=We do not know how to bid this item.  There is a bid quantity provided in the Bid Schedule of 1,880 M2 and nothing shown for this work on the plan sheets.  The special provisions section 10-1.48 in the final paragraph says the work will be paid as extra work.  What shall we bid for item 65(F) and how do we verify the 1,880 M2?
  • Please bid per the current contract documents.
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