CONTRACT NO: 11-010734


In San Diego County In San Diego, La Mesa, El Cajon And Santee
From 0.3 Mile North Of Amaya Drive Overcrossing To 0.7 Mile South
Of Prospect Avenue Undercrossing.

New Multilane Highway And Bridges To Be Constructed.

Advertise Date    05/22/00
Bids Open            10/12/00


see revision to Question 21 and Question 24

at 12:30 PM on 10/12/00

DATE: 10/12/00

TIME: 12:30

            BID RESULTS OF 10/12/00
        1) 21,348,228.00        ERRECA'S HANSON SJH
        2) 22,122,180.65        W.R.CONNELLY INC
        3) 22,495,209.50        HAZARD CONSTRUCTION
        4) 22,659,624.76        HERZOG CONTRACTING
        5) 22,811,525.00        GRANITE CONSTRUCTION
        6) 22,927,867.60        FCI CONSTRUCTORS
        7) 23,428,976.95        KIEWIT PACIFIC CO

The responses to bidder' inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addenda to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The responses may be considered along with all other information furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding on the project. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder' inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.

The Caltrans District 11 Office is located at 2829 Juan Street, San Diego, CA 92110. The mailing address is P.O. Box 85406, San Diego, CA 92186-5406. The District 11 Duty Senior telephone number is (619) 688-6635. Please submit all inquiries in the proper format by fax to (619) 688-6988 or e-mail to


Caltrans District 11 Construction Department has developed this method of answering Bidder's Inquiries to better serve the needs of the Contractors who bid on our Projects. Only when stated in the Special Provisions will contracts have posted INQUIRIES AND RESPONSES.
The BIDDER'S INQUIRIES & RESPONSES will be updated continuously with the last posting no later than 15:00 on Wednesday prior to the bid opening.
Caltrans District 11 Construction Department will post all of the questions submitted by any of the contractors that are registered Planholders for that Contract, but reserves the right to not answer any questions deemed unsatisfactory for public viewing.


Inquiry No.
When will the cross sections be available and where?
  • The cross sections will be available on 06/10/00 at: 
       5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
       San Diego, CA 92123
       (858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
       e-mail to
How do we obtain full size plan sheets?
  • Full size plans sheets are available from the Caltrans Office Engineer website at:

They can be printed directly from the above listed site or downloaded for printing at any available reprographics company.
Plans sheets can also be ordered from:
5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
e-mail to

Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Bid Item #43 Roadway Excavation

This project has a substantial amount of earthwork which requires off-site disposal.  Does Caltrans intend to provide disposal area(s) for this material?

  • See Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Special Provisions, Section 10-1.21 MAINTAINING TRAFFIC, Page 90 (Navajo Road Undercrossing Traffic Openings)& Plan Sheet #141.

Contract Plan Sheet 141 (SC-17) "Stage Construction Traffic Handling Plan", Section B-B shows 2 ea 41' K-Rail openings, whereas, Special Provisions Section 10-1.21 "Maintaining Traffic", page 90, calls for 2 ea 53' Vehicle openings. Which one is correct?

  • See Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

It appears as though work is currently being performed which is a part of this bid proposal.  Is this correct? If so, what is the extent of these changes & how will it affect these plans and quantities?

  • Yes, see Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Special Provisions Section 5-1.02

Are suppliers for the project subject to prevailing wage requirements for both manufacturing & delivery?

  • Suppliers are not subject to prevailing wage requirements for manufacturing or delivery as long as no work is performed on the project site. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Special Provisions Section 5-1.02

Is trucking for disposal of material off-site subject to prevailing wage requirements?

  • Trucking for disposal of materials where no work is performed and to a non-public works location is not covered work. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Special Provisions Section 10-1.11

The size of the gravel bags per this section is much larger than industry standard & not readily available.  Is additional quantity of standard bag acceptable to match specified bag size?

  • Bid it as shown in the plans and Specials Provisions. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

Where can we get plans for the current ongoing project adjacent to the advertised project?

  • Plans are available at our office.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Plan Sheet D-34

Please clarify the following discrepancy, drain unit #16-c is shown as a 36" APC on profile sheet D-14, and is counted as a 24" APC on drainage summary sheet D-34. 

  • See Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Plan Sheet D-33

Please clarify the following discrepancy, drain unit #12-k is shown as a 24" APC on profile sheet D-12, and is counted as a 24" CSP on drainage summary sheet D-33.

  • The quantity of CSP listed in the Quantity Sheet and Special provisions is the correct type of pipe.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 43

We have heard that an additional site for the Future Route 52 work may be available. Is this true, and if so, will an addendum be issued?

  • See Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 43

Erreca's has built a portion of Stage 1 and Stage 5 work north of Navajo Road for Contract 11-010734. This work is not shown in the bid package. From cross-sections provided, it appears that the amount of export material on the project has now increased proportionally. Will the State be issuing an addendum revising the contract?

  • See Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Plan sheet 206, EARTHWORK QUANTITIES.

There are quantities listed for "D1..D6".  It would appear that these are quantities for building the detours. Some of the embankments will be removed in a later stage.  If these detour embankment removals are to be measured and paid as roadway excavation, are the quantities available?

  • The quantities are already included in roadway excavation. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 42, Develop water supply. Special Provision Section 10-1.34 states: "Attention is directed to "Beginning of Work, Time of Completion and Liquidated Damages." elsewhere in these special provisions, regarding availability of water.

I can find no mention of the subject of availability of water in the referenced section of the Special Provisions.

  • See "Materials Information" for available source of water.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=Item 43 ROADWAY EXCAVATION, 

Special Provision Section 10-1.35, fourth paragraph states: "Stepped slopes, as shown on the plans or designated by the Engineer, shall be excavated to conform with the typical cross section as shown on the plans.

  • See Plan Sheet C-12 CONSTRUCTION DETAILS (53 of 353).
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=BID ITEM #119, PLAN SHEET Q-2 SUMMARY OF QUANTITIES 

It appears that the bid quantity for Item#119 is substantially overstated.
In the quantity summary, the second line (900 CY) appears to be in error. Also no provision is made for the concrete quantity in the areas of the overhead sign structures on the "A" Line. Please review and inform us of the correct quantity.

  •  See Addendum No. 2.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=

Will the project be postponed due to the pending addendum? If so, what will the new bid date be?

  • See addendum.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference= Materials Information Addendum 2

The Materials Information refers to Attachment A for the mandatory disposal site. Where is Attachment A?

  • Attachment A is Plan Sheets: X-9 (9a of 353), P-23 (41A of 353), P-24 (41B of 353), G-1 (67A of 353), G-2 (67B of 353), EC-7a (181A of 353), EC-7b (181B of 353), EC-12a (186A of 353), EC-12b (186B of 353). Besides the Plan Sheets listed there is information and requirements for the mandatory disposal site included on other revised sheets and within the Special Provisions. 
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=QUESTION AFFECTS MULTIPLE ITEMS


  • No.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=ADDENDUM #2, SPECIAL PROVISIONS, SECTION 10-1.35 EARTHWORK "Excess material shall be placed with the future Route 52/125 interchange..."

Now that the earthwork is to excavated on one Caltrans project and placed in a mandatory embankment on another Caltrans project, will the trucking of this material be subject to prevailing wage requirements?  If so, does the prevailing wage requirement apply to bona fide owner-operator truckers?

  • Yes, the trucking and placement of the material to the mandatory disposal site is covered work therefor subject to prevailing wage requirements. 
  • Yes, prevailing wage requirements apply to owner-operator trucks. See Question 24.
Plan Sheet / Specification Reference=SITE INSPECTION THIS MORNING

There are loose piles of broken concrete, broken asphalt, dirt, and debris randomly scattered within the limits of work covered by this contract in the area north of Navajo Road.  How are we to address the work involved in loading, sorting, hauling, compacting or disposing of this material?  Is this work covered in some pay item?  If so, which one?  Is this considered incidental to the work and we should anticipate performing this work for no pay since it can be observed in a site visit, as we are frequently advised by Caltrans field staff?

  • The site cleanup is included in the ongoing contract and will be completed before the start of this contract.
Should our schedule of values under Water Pollution Control include quantities for the measures for which there is already a pay item (i.e. silt fence, straw bales, gravel bags, etc....) if we think more of these measures will be required than is shown on the plans.  As an example, say the plans call for 100 straw bales from station A to B and our approved plan requires us to install 120 bales from station A to B.  Should we put the cost of the additional 20 bales in the Water Pollution Control item, or will the extra 20 bales be paid at the unit price for straw bales?

If the approved SWPPP has the same control measures as shown on the plans, but the measures end up in a different configuration than shown on the plans--will the measures be paid for by the contract item?  We ask this question because the special provisions states that any items placed at locations other than as shown on the plans will be paid under Water Pollution Control.  Since approval of the SWPPP is the Contractor's ultimate responsibility, we run the risk that none of the measures will be in the exact location as shown on the plans and that we will be paid nothing for all the temporary control measure items.

Would you please clarify your intent in this area of work?

  • No, the schedule of values should not include items where there is a contract pay item for but the additional control measures should be shown on the plan. 
  • Yes, the additional control measures shown in a different configuration that have a pay item will be paid as increase in contract item at the contract unit price with no adjustment.   

Can Caltrans tell us what the total current hourly rate of a standard, dirt hauling, highway type, double dump truck must be, in order to be compliance with the prevailing wage provisions for owner/operators? 

  • For compliance of an owner/ operator the only requirement is to substantiate their status not to verify wage or equipment payments. Owner / operators need not report hourly wages just gross earnings per week. The owner/ operators must be paid the equivalent rate at least equal to the sum of the equipment rental rate for the equipment used and the prevailing wage rate for the classification of operator. 





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