CONTRACT NO: 11-001934

11-SD-125-KP 19.4 / 22.1

San Diego County in San Diego in and near Lemon Grove from 0.3 km
south of Jamacha Road to 0.1 km north Troy Street.


DATE: 10/06/99

TIME: 15:00

The responses to bidder' inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addenda to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the bidder's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The responses may be considered along with all other information furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding on the project. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to bidder' inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given.


Caltrans District 11 Office is located at 2829 Juan Street, San Diego, CA 92110. The mailing address is P.O. Box 85406, San Diego, CA 92186-5400. The District 11 Duty Senior telephone number is (619) 688-6635. Please submit all inquiries in the proper format by fax to (619) 688-6635 or e-mail to

Caltrans District 11 Construction Department has developed this method of answering Bidders Inquiries to better serve the needs of the Contractors who bid on our Projects.

The BIDDER'S INQUIRIES & RESPONSES will be updated continuously with the last posting no later than 15:00 on Wednesday prior to the bid opening.

Caltrans District 11 Construction Department will post all of the questions submitted by any of the registered Planholders for that Contract, but reserves the right not to answer any questions deemed unsatisfactory for public viewing.


Inquiry No.
When will the cross sections be available and where?

The cross sections will be available on 08/20/99 at: 
5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
Contact Steve Robinow to place order. 

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference = Item 73: PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL, Sheets 255-273.

There seems to be several sheets missing.  There is no information regarding weights of the individual units, nor dimensions from which one could calculate the weights.  The max base pressure (in kPa) varies from identical design sections on another Caltrans job by a factor of 47.5.  Please clarify. 

As per paragraph 4 of Section 10-1.43 "PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL" of the Contract Special Provisions; Technical information on the Evergreen Retaining Wall System can be obtained from:...... 

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference = Item 73: PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL, Sheets 255-273.

Two of the plan sheets refer to a sheet R-21 for design, there is no sheet R-21.  It appears that the reference should be R-17, but it gives one pause.  Please clarify.

See Addendum No. 1.

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference = Item 73: PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL, Sheets R-1 through R-19 and Sheet Q-1.

Our take-off of pay quantity varies substantially from the quantities tabulated on sheet Q-1.  Each individual wall varies from 10% to 218% Retaining wall 8, is 58 meters long and has an area listed of 448 m2.  That would require an average height of almost 8 meters.  The highest segment, according to the plan is 4.724 meter high. Please clarify!

See Addendum No. 1.

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference =  Item 43: NPS 3 SUPPLY LINE (BRIDGE), Item 44:  NPS 4 SUPPLY LINE (BRIDGE)

Items 43 and 44 are designated S-F (Specialty, Final Pay).  Making the quantity for these items Final Pay deviates from prior Caltrans practice.  Is this an oversight?  The quantities shown  do not allow for the length necessary to reach the edge of the shoulder as required in the standard details for bridge supply lines.

Refer to Section 9-1.015 "FINAL PAY ITEMS", of the Standard Specifications.
Bid it as you see it unless an addendum is issued. 

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference =  Item 73: PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL,  R-15 through R-17

Footing sections on sheet R-17 only show footings to 2.134 wide (Walls A1 - A2) we also need details for Walls A3 - A5.  Please provide, or clarify. 

Reference: Sheet R-17 "Footing Sections".  These footing sections (end view shown) are the widths of the footings for various MAX BASE PRESSURES.

From Sheet R-16, a Wall Type A4 - 1:6 Batter and a height (H) = 7.772m has a base pressure (Max) 284.9 kPa.

From Sheet R-17,  Chart:  Bottom Element Type KB has a length "L" (1:6 Batter) of 4.420m and from the footing sections a width of 1.219m (359.1 kPa Max Base Pressure (q)).

A Max Base Pressure of 284.9 kPa is greater than 282.5 kPa and less than 359.1 kPa, therefore the 1.219m/359.1 kPa prevails. 

Excavation from Stage 3 is needed to construct Stages 1 & 2.  Can Stage 3 start with Stages 1 & 2?

Refer to Section 10-1.01 "ORDER OF WORK", of the Contract Special Provisions.

Your plans do not show the location of the "Historic House".  Could you issue sheet 78 with the outline of the house shown?

No, refer to Section 10-1.24 "RELOCATE HISTORIC HOUSE", of the Contract Special Provisions.

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference =  E-18, Conduit Note: 19

What intersection does this conduit terminate?  How far is this conduit run from the intersection to intersection.

Conduit run 19 terminates at the West end of the Troy Street Bridge as shown on Contract Plan sheet E-10

Is there any Materials Information available for this project and where can copies be obtained?

In addition to the "Materials Information Brochure" included with the Bidder's package and information available as stated in the Contract Special Provisions there is the GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN REPORT available for viewing at the Caltrans District 11 Office located at 2829 Juan Street San Diego (619) 688-6635. 
Copies of the document can be ordered at:
5560 Ruffin Road Suite 5
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 541-1500    FAX (858) 278-0558
Contact Steve Robinow to place order. 

Plan Sheet/Specification Reference =  Item 43: NPS 3 SUPPLY LINE (BRIDGE), Item 44:  NPS 4 SUPPLY LINE (BRIDGE), sheets 423 & 424

Where can I find pertinent info on NPS3 & NPS4 material - plan view, etc.

Refer to Standard Plans Detail B14-4.

Are the transverse contraction or weakened plane joints in the concrete pavement, doweled with load transfer assemblies (dowel baskets)?

No, per Section 10-1.36 "CONCRETE PAVEMENT", of the Special Provisions and Standard Plans Detail A35A. 

In regards to Section 10-1.52 CLEAN & PAINT STRUCTURAL STEEL of the Special Provisions, is this referring to gates? Or?

No. It is a revision to Section 59-2 "PAINTING STRUCTURAL STEEL", of the Standard Specifications which is referenced in Section 10-1.46 "JOINT SEAL ASSEMBLIES (MAXIMUM MOVEMENT RATING, 100 mm)", of the Special Provisions. 

Special Provisions Section 10-1.24 refers to relocating a historic house located at 8540 Troy Street. However, this location is not indicated on the layout or contour grading plan sheets. Can you provide specific information referenced to the "B" Line indicating its exact location or re-issue plan sheet 78 showing the house location?

Plan sheet 78 will not be re-issued. 
Provided are offset locations for the main four corners of the Lee House located at 8540 Troy Street:
1)  74.70 M left "B" Line Station 166+71.35
2)  81.28 M left "B" Line Station 166+68.85
3)  69.10 M left "B" Line Station 166+58.05
4)  73.49 M left "B" Line station 166+55.88

Special Provisions Section 10-1.13 makes no reference as to whether or not equipment crossings are allowed at Jamacha Road, Blossom Lane & Troy Street. It is assumed that equipment crossings at these locations with traffic control per the Manual of Traffic Controls are allowed. Is this assumption correct?

Approval of the concept to transversely flag across Jamacha Road, Blossom Lane & Troy Street is allowed upon the written approval of the Engineer of the Contractor's plan in accordance with Section 10-1.13 "MAINTAINING TRAFFIC", of the Special Provisions and Section 7-1.02 "WEIGHT LIMITATIONS", of the Standard Specifications. 

Regarding Section 10-1.30 "NATIVE TOPSOIL", of the Special Provisions:
1. Where on the plans or in the Special Provisions is the detail for the construction of stepped slopes?
2. What are the locations and limits of stepped slopes?
3. What are the locations and limits of designed excavation and embankment slopes to receive native topsoil?

See Addendum No. 1.

Yesterday we a attended a Pre-bid for the next piece of Route 56 at Black Mt. Rd. extending to the west. It is a City of San Diego Funded and bid project, with Caltrans inspection. The estimate is $24 million. They have set a bid date of October 14, 1999 and have indicated that it is a drop dead date. They have no flexibility in their schedule. As you know Route 125 at Troy St. bids one week earlier on the 7th. This schedule of two $24-$30 million jobs bidding one week apart, is likely to create confusion at best, and lack of participation by subs as well as General Contractors at worst. If you have any flexibility in your bid opening date, October 28th for instance, we feel that it would pay dividends to the State. I'm sure you know that the Port District had a bid opening for repaving Lindberg Field recently and received one bid for $19 million, some 25% over the Eng. Est. I'm not suggesting that this will happen with your bid, just that companies are busy enough to pass on jobs that they would have tripped over themselves to bid in less busy times. Your help in this dilemma will be greatly appreciated. I know for a fact that some contractors will be picking between the two jobs for one to bid.

No, at this time the bid opening date will not be postponed. 

It appears that the Contractor working on Hwy-125 (11-001924) has placed an oversize rock fill at the southern abutments for the Jamacha Bridge Overcrossing. Would you please confirm.

For bidding purposes, bidders should assume that the embankment placed within the 50M limit of the abutment is in compliance with Section 19 of the Standard Specifications.

Will MK as part of their contract remove the large rock below subgrade which has been placed in the embankments between Stations 140+20 and 147+60?

Bidders should assume that the ORIGINAL GROUND is as shown in the plans and that the embankments placed between Stations 140+20 and 147+60 "B" Line by the adjacent Contractor are in compliance with Section 19 of the Standard Specifications.

A site inspection visit reveals that the existing grade is not consistent with the "ORIGINAL GROUND" contours on plan sheets D-1 through D-4. Is there an addendum in the works to correct that condition?

No. Assume placement of embankment for ORIGINAL GROUND is as shown in the plans and in compliance with Section 19 of the Standard Specifications.

The drainage profile sheets 81, 84 and 85 of 466 show the original ground lines incorrect for drainage systems 1d, 1e, 1h, 5a, 6b, 6e and 6h.

Bid it as you see it.

QC/QA Asphalt - State will perform?

No, this contract does not meet the criteria required to include the QUALITY CONTROL / QUALITY ASSURANCE Specifications. 

Special Provisions 10-1.43 "PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL" states "The plantable retaining wall shall be the type made by Evergreen Retaining Wall System, or equal." Will other plantable wall types such as Stresswall, Keystone, Alan Block or Mesa be considered "or equal"?

Bidders may submit a request for substitution of an "or equal" item, and the data substantiating the request to the District 11 Duty Senior before bid opening. To be considered for substitution the proposed plantable retaining wall must:  1) Be approved by the Office of Structures Design (OSD). Of the current list of prequalified retaining wall systems the only wall currently determined to have the characteristics suitable for this project is the Evergreen Retaining Wall System, approval of additional retaining wall systems is contingent on the system meeting the full range of parameters for which prequalification is required. The prequalification requirements can be obtained from the Office of Structure Design, P.O. Box 942874, Sacramento, CA 94274-0001. 
and 2)  Must meet or exceed the following requirements for the plantable characteristics of the Evergreen Retaining Wall System to be considered equal:
I) Dimension of plantable tray area.
II) Comparable slope gradient of plantable area.
III) Total soil capacity within plantable tray area.
IV) Visual soil percentage of entire wall face. 
V) Ability to irrigate plantable tray areas efficiently.
VI) Color and visual impact of wall.

How can I get the unit bid prices on contract 11-010744?

 Bid Summary 11-010744

What is the grate ht. and what type of spacer is required on the Slotted Corrugated Pipe?

Per Standard Plan D98B, use 65 mm grate and note 13 for cross bar spacer requirements. 

The existing 400 mm steel waterline which runs parallel to Palm St. & crosses Route 125 and the new WL-1 Line are virtually on the same alignment with a 6 meter differential in elevation at Route 125. Does the existing waterline get shutdown or hi-lined during the installation of the new line?

The existing 400 mm steel waterline may not be shutdown until the new waterline is in service. The existing waterline shall remain in service, one method of maintaining the existing service would be to hi-line. In addition to Section 10-4 "RELOCATION OF UTILITY FACILITIES", of the Special Provisions please contact Scott Hamren at the Helix Water District (619) 667-6276 or e-mail for any additional information regarding the requirements for hi-lining or protecting in place. 

On Plan Sheet 200 (SC-16) the note states "PHASE I CONSTRUCTION SHALL BE BETWEEN 8:30 AM AND 3:30 PM. CONTRACTOR SHALL REMOVE ALL CONES AND SIGNS RELATED TO LANE CLOSURES DURING NON-PEAK HOURS." The arrow for Phase I points to the northwest corner of Troy & Sweetwater. Is Phase I corresponding to the work on this corner?

Phase I is construction of new curb return at northwest corner of Troy Street and Sweetwater Road.

On Plan Sheet 202 (SC-18) and 203 (SC-19), what time constraints are mandated to reopen these work areas (hatched)?

Per Section 10-1.13 "MAINTAINING TRAFFIC", of the Special Provisions use Lane Closure Chart No.7. 

Can scrapers cross the following streets with proper signing and flagging?
A. Palm Street
B. Blossom Lane
C. Jamacha Road

Approval of the concept to transversely flag scrapers across Palm Street, Blossom Lane & Jamacha Road is allowed upon the written approval of the Engineer of the Contractor's plan in accordance with Section 10-1.13 "MAINTAINING TRAFFIC", of the Special Provisions and Section 7-1.02 "WEIGHT LIMITATIONS", of the Standard Specifications. 

Can you verify the quantities for Item 58: SEAL PAVEMENT JOINT? Our takeoff is very different.

No. Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

Drainage Unit 22(ff) and WL-1 appear to be in conflict (elevation)?

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued. 

What are the quantities for the Troy Street detour?

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

What is your best estimate of when traffic will be switched onto the new Sweetwater Road alignment on the present MK contract?

Submittal of bid shall be in accordance with Section 2 "PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS AND CONDITIONS", of the Standard Specifications.

Please provide a detail for Item 125: MINOR CONCRETE (COLORED) at the gores for 'JRN' and 'JRS'.

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

Traffic control charts #2 & #3 do not allow full closure of the street for erection and removal of falsework. How is it contemplated that falsework erection and removal be accomplished?

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

According to the details for inlet structures on top of junction base structures, there appears to be a base structure (height given as Hb), a 900mm precast riser (height Hm), and an upper inlet structure (height H).  According to the general notes these dimensions are given in the plans. On the profile sheets, there are Hb, and Hm dimensions given, but no H dimension for the upper inlets. Furthermore, in the drainage summary sheet, there is no quantity for a precast riser (height  Hm) for these structures.  Please clarify? 

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

Does concrete footing for Evergreen wall have to be poured in place?

No, the foundation for the Evergreen wall must meet the requirements of Section 10-1.43 "PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL", of the Special Provisions.

Are pre-cast footing sections for Item 73: PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL as supplied and quoted by ACP approved for use on this project?

Any pre-cast footing sections supplied by ACP must meet the requirements of Section 10-1.43 "PLANTABLE RETAINING WALL", of the Special Provisions.

What are the "D" footing lengths for wall types A3, A4 & A5?


On plan sheet 139 of 466 (D-72) NOTE 3 states: " "REMOVE" ITEMS, WHICH HAVE NO QUANTITIES SHOWN, ARE IN STRUCTURE EXCAVATION AREAS". Which pay items are these "REMOVE" items incidental to? Structure Exc. Bridge, Structure Exc. Ret Wall...etc?

Structure excavation is defined in Section 19-3 "STRUCTURE EXCAVATION AND BACKFILL", of the Standard Specifications. 

On Sheet No. 448 of the Troy Street Overcrossing foundation plan, the detail for the limits of payment for excavation and backfill indicates the depth of excavation below the abutment footing and the width of slope excavation, but does not show the vertical limits of slope excavation. The detail also shows a 1:2 abutment slope while the contours on the grading plan clearly indicate a 1:6 slope at Abutment No. 1 that extends through Bent 2 with the toe of slope near the southbound lanes of Route 125. With the conflicting information provided, the Contractor is unable to quantify the amount of abutment slope excavation.  Please resolve the discrepancy between the detail and the grading plan and provide the vertical and horizontal limits of slope excavation.

To quantify the amount of structure excavation/ backfill for the Troy Street Overcrossing at Abutment 1 it can be defined by the information shown on sheet 451 (ABUTMENT DETAILS NO.1) SECTION A-A for the bench at the face of the abutment and on sheet 446 (GENERAL PLAN) PLAN for the horizontal location of the future ramp, the elevation of the future ramp at toe of slope is 128.

Section 10-1.69 indicates that Item 133: TUBULAR STEEL FENCE must conform to Section 83-1.  It also indicates that "attention is directed to Welding Quality Control elsewhere in these specials". Section 8-3.02  indicates WQC shall apply when any work is welded in conformance with the provisions is sections 49,  52,  55, or 75-1.035. Section 83-1 is not mentioned. Was the "attention WQC" mistakenly inserted in 10-1.69 or will Welding Quality Controls be followed for this item?

Section 8-3.02 "WELDING QUALITY CONTROL", of the Special Provisions does not apply to Item 133: TUBULAR STEEL FENCE. 

For Item 133: Tubular Steel Fence, the 19 x 19 mm vertical pickets appear to be two pieces, with 288 mm welded on top of the 51 x 51 x 3 mm sq. tube.  Is this correct, or is the tube supposed to have square holes through the top and bottom faces?

Correct, the 19 x 19 mm vertical pickets are two pieces.

For Item 133: Tubular Steel Fence, what size material is used for the cross-shaped insertions?

19 x 19 mm

Special Provisions Section 10-4.02 states that the WL-1 & WL-3 must be installed & operating before the 150 mm water line in Troy Street can be removed. Stage 5 construction requires removal of the 150 mm waterline. However, the WL-1 waterline cannot be completed until Stage 7 on Camino de las Palmas. Please clarify how this circumstance can be corrected. 

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

Special Provisions Section 10-1.10 states that the existing gas line in Palm Street will be abandoned after the new gas line in Troy Street is activated. However, the Palm Street gas line needs to be removed in Stage 3 and the Troy Street gas line cannot be completed until Stage 5. Please clarify.

Bid it as you see it, unless an addendum is issued.

It is assumed that the abandonment of the existing gas line in existing Troy Street from Camino de las Palmas to Sweetwater Road has no prerequisites. Is this correct?

Per Section 10-1.10 "OBSTRUCTIONS", of the Special Provisions there are no prerequisites.

Request clarification on TRANSITION DETAIL on plan sheet 290. Which Concrete Barrier Item is to include cost of 3.0 meter transition between Type27 Modified and Type 60 Concrete Barrier?

The 3.0 M transition section is to be paid as Item 150: CONCRETE BARRIER (TYPE 60) 

What size masonry unit is required at the top of the standard sound wall (not at the pilaster)?

As shown on sheet 291 of 466 SOUND WALL DETAILS (SW-18) CHAMFERED BLOCK DETAIL  use 250 x 100 x 400 mm block. 

Section 10-1.26 EARTHWORK, it appears that some impacts on payment are not addressed regarding ordered changes in excavation or embankment. Is there a simpler way to handle the situation?







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