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 _ Interstate 15 Managed Lane Concept
Interstate 15 Managed Lane Concept
More than 250,000 vehicles a day travel on Interstate 15. Just 10 years ago the daily average was 150,000 vehicles a day. In the future traffic volumes on I-15 will continue to increase. By the year 2020, forecasters say one million more people will be calling San Diego County their home. During normal commutes today, there are six hours of congestion on I-15, the other 18 hours are free flowing. In the southbound direction there are five choke points. The afternoon commute in the northbound direction also has five choke points.

The concept of managed lanes is to operate a “freeway within a freeway” between the I-15 / SR-163 Interchange at Miramar and SR-78 in Escondido, that can be adjusted on demand to increase the overall travel in the corridor 24 hours a day. The proposal is to develop the lanes with the latest technologies that would maintain proper flow rates, sense problems, make adjustments at necessary locations and keep the travelers informed of their choices.

The system would allow changing the lane configuration prior to the beginning of the daily commute period. In response to emergencies, our goal is to change the lane configuration in a 30 - 45-minute time frame with moveable concrete barrier machines.

Additional information on Interstate 15 can be found by reading our Fact Sheet or by calling 866-890-1397. For additional information on Caltrans, please contact District 11 Public Information Officer Ann Korstad at (858) 668-3368 or by e-mail at: Ann.Korstad@dot.ca.gov

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