Interstate 5 North Coast Corridor Technical Studies

Barrio Carlsbad Cohesion Report CIA October 2007 21MB
A Summary of Traffic Reports November 2008 2MB
Aerial Deposited Lead Investigation Leucadia to Brooks June 2001 43MB
Air Quality Report April 20072MB
Community Enhancement Plan January 2008 32MB
Community Impact Assessment October 2007 24MB
Draft Relocation Impact Report October 2007 2MB
Floodplain Studies Book 1 March 2008 72MB
Floodplain Studies Book 2 February 2008 144MB
Floodplain Studies Book 3 February 2008 67MB
Lead Site Investigation Via De La Valle to Leucadia June 2001 40 MB
Mobile Source Air Toxics Analysis June 2008 192K
Natural Environmental Study June 2008 40MB
Noise Abatement Data Report Vol. 1 October 2007 10MB
Noise Abatement Data Report Vol. 2 October 200712MB
Noise Study Report April 2007 99MB
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment north November 2005 131MB
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment south October 2006 104MB
Preliminary Geotechnical Report October 2005 79MB
Traffic Freeway Operations Report November 2008 10MB
Traffic Tech Report No 1 - Area of Influence Analysis July 2004 4MB
Traffic Tech Report No 2 - Existing Conditions Data August 2004 7MB
Traffic Tech Report No 3 - Methodologies and Standards July 2004 47K
Traffic Tech Report No 4 - Existing Conditions March 2006 825K
Traffic Tech Report No 5 - Forecasting Report August 2007 9MB
Traffic Tech Report No 6 - Interchange Operations Report August 2007 11MB
Traffic Tech Report No 7 - DAR & Local Circulation August 2007 5MB
Value Pricing Concept Plan Vol. 1 April 2006 8MB
Value Pricing Concept Plan Vol. 2 April 2006 1MB
Visual Impact Assessment April 2009 19MB
Water Quality Report July 2009 700K

Files Added August 2

I-5 North Coast Freeway Operations Report 12MB
I-5 Project Report Exhibit A 130MB

Files Added August 6

Community Enhancement Plan Notebook January 2008 70MB

Files Added August 26

Manchester Avenue I-5 Interchange – Natural Environment Study Jan 2004 42MB