California Department of Transportation

Pine Grove State Route 88 Improvements Project


Project Description

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Amador County Transportation Commission propose improvements to the segment of State Route 88 (SR 88) in Amador County from post mile (PM) 21.6 near Climax Road to PM 24.6 near Tabeaud Road.  Improvements would include intersection and lane reconfiguration, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and roadway associated improvements along SR 88.  This project is located in the town of Pine Grove in Amador County, California.

Purpose and Need
The purpose of the SR 88 Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project is to improve existing and future SR 88 operations, alleviate existing congestion in the project area, and provide a transportation facility consistent with Caltrans Roadway Design Standards, as well as local, regional, and statewide plans.

The SR 88 Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project is needed because vehicle operations through the town of Pine Grove are projected to deteriorate to failing levels of service (LOS) by 2044, resulting in unacceptable vehicle delays at key intersections on SR 88. These intersections are experiencing congestion during peak hours from increased traffic volumes on Climax Road, Ridge Road, and Volcano Road. The resulting congestion affects both local and regional traffic. Because of the growing congestion, there is a need to improve long-term traffic circulation in the Pine Grove area.

In addition, the existing SR 88 corridor in the project area is not consistent with Caltrans roadway design standards. Paved shoulders in the project area range from 1-8 feet wide and are contiguous with informal on-street parking in Pine Grove. Widening shoulders to 8 feet is necessary to ensure consistency with current Caltrans roadway design standards. Widening improvements would also accommodate a Class 3 bikeway throughout the project area. Lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities (sidewalks and bike lanes) greatly reduces the non-vehicular traffic through town and limits multimodal access to local businesses. Also, lack of sufficient sidewalks hinders safe walking to the elementary school and contributes to vehicle queuing (vehicles lined up) at peak drop-off and pickup times because parents drive their children to school rather than have them walk.


Level of Service (LOS)
The concept LOS for the facility is C. The current conditions on the route warrant a LOS of E, and thus, requires operational or capacity increasing improvements to attain concept LOS. The proposed improvements will attain the concept LOS and also meets with Caltrans’ commitment to context sensitive solutions and to complete streets reflecting local needs and priorities.