California Department of Transportation


Project Fact Sheet


Project Description and Purpose

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in cooperation
with the San Joaquin Council of Governments and San Joaquin County,
proposes a major improvement project in the Lockeford and Clements
areas. The following alternatives are being considered:

• widening existing State Route 12/88 by adding two lanes,
• constructing a one-way couplet through downtown Lockeford,
• constructing a realignment around downtown Lockeford along
an abandoned railroad alignment,
• constructing a bypass to divert traffic around Lockeford and
Clements following Brandt Road and Clements Road
• constructing a bypass to divert traffic around Lockeford and
widening State Route 12/88 by adding two lanes through
Clements, and
• no-build alternative.

The project is being proposed to relieve existing and projected traffic
congestion on State Route 12/88 near the communities of Lockeford and
Environmental Studies Are Starting
The project team is starting environmental studies for the project.
Caltrans is interested in your comments. This Public Scoping Meeting is
the first of several opportunities to provide comments or concerns. Your
comments will become part of the public record and will be considered
in developing the environmental documents.