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Description of Projects: The proposed operational improvements include realigning Tower Parkway under the Potato Slough Bridge to connect with Glasscock Road, adding a westbound left turn lane at Correia Road, extending existing left and right turn lanes at Guard Road, adding eastbound acceleration lanes at Tower Parkway and Guard Road, providing a bus turnout on the westbound connector road west of Glasscock Road, extending the existing westbound Route 12 merging lane, adding Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) warning and guide signs, and possibly increasing the existing 0.5 acre park and ride lot to 2 acres.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to initiate a series of operational improvements at key intersections on State Route 12 combined with Intelligent Transportation System elements to optimize the current traffic flow conditions and enhance travel safety, efficiency and mobility. The Intelligent Transportation System elements will provide advanced traveler information and will improve traffic flow.

Need: Currently, vehicles turning left from Tower Parkway and Glasscock Road onto State Route 12 are experiencing significant delays. Vehicles turning right from Tower Parkway and Guard Road to eastbound State Route 12 need more distance to accelerate onto State Route 12. Left-turning traffic from westbound State Route 12 to Correia Road is causing delays to through traffic. Westbound trucks from the southbound I-5 off ramp at the I-5 – State Route 12 interchange need more distance to accelerate and merge prior to the westbound State Route 12 lane drop. Busses currently use the westbound shoulder on State Route 12 east of Glasscock Road as a stopping area to transport students. The existing park and ride lot is at capacity during commute periods.

Funding Source: The project is funded from the State Highway Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Project Cost: $27 million

Project Timeline:Caltrans is currently conducting studies to determine the potential
environmental impacts from this proposed project. Caltrans anticipates completing the
draft environmental document in Spring 2009. The final environmental document should
be completed in Fall 2009. Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2011.