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Project Fact Sheet


Project Description and Purpose

The North County Corridor Project (SR-99 to SR-120) is a high-priority project for Stanislaus County, its communities and the growing urbanized cities of Modesto, Oakdale, and Riverbank.  The purpose of the project is to ultimately build a west-east roadway that would improve regional network circulation, relieve existing traffic congestion, reduce traffic delay, accommodate future traffic, benefit commerce and enhance safety.

The purpose of this project phase is to identify a roadway alignment for a west-east facility from SR-99 north of the City of Modesto to SR-120 approximately six miles east of the City of Oakdale.  This new roadway would be approximately 25 miles in length from a location on State Route 99 in the vicinity of Kiernan Avenue/Salida community to a location on State Route 120 approximately six miles east of the City of Oakdale.  The project may be an entirely new roadway or incorporated into the existing roadway network and would serve as a bypass for the cities of Riverbank, Oakdale and Modesto.  The roadway segment from SR-99 to McHenry Avenue near SR-219 is approximately six miles in length and will be studied as a local facility and also as a state freeway/ expressway. The North County Corridor Transportation Expressway Authority anticipates that the ultimate facility would be planned as a multi-lane, access-controlled expressway/freeway, with interchanges, at-grade intersections, grade-separated railroad crossings, irrigation district crossings, frontage roads, and local street alignments.

Existing SR-108 functions as a “main street” passing through the congested downtown areas of Modesto, Oakdale, and Riverbank, in which the current transportation facility does not provide for efficient, reliable and continuous interregional travel.  The trucks, recreational vehicles, and commuter traffic using SR-108 during peak travel times add to the congestion in these urban areas; and a significant increase in local and interregional traffic demand is expected in the coming years.

To plan for the freeway/expressway, the North County Corridor Transportation Expressway Authority was formed. The Authority consists of the cities of Modesto, Oakdale, and Riverbank; the County of Stanislaus; and ex-officio members Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) and the California Department of Transportation.

The North County Corridor (NCC) SR-108 East Route Adoption was approved by the California Transportation Commission in May 2010.  The adopted corridor provides for approximately 18 miles of freeway/expressway on new alignment from near SR-219 north of the City of Modesto and west of the City of Riverbank to SR-120 approximately six miles east of the City of Oakdale.

Various roadway alignment alternatives will be considered along with the “No Action” alternative during this project study.  The proposed roadway would be built in existing unincorporated Stanislaus County and the “No Action” alternative would leave SR-108 in its existing condition.

Public Scoping Meetings were conducted on September 8, 2010, and September 13, 2010.  The project team received input from the public on the various alignments to be considered.  An initial screening of the alternatives resulted in the alignment alternatives shown in the above map.  These final set of alternatives that will be studied in the environmental document was presented to the public at a project information meeting conducted on June 16, 2011.  As the project progresses, there will be many opportunities for members of the public to be involved and provide comments or concerns.

Funding for this phase of the project is being provided by regional transportation impact fees.  The Authority is also asking for state funding that was once part of the cancelled state Oakdale Bypass project.

Project Contacts

Members of the public are encouraged to provide their comments, questions or concerns about this project to Scott Smith, Senior Environmental Planner, Caltrans, by writing to him at 855 M Street, Suite 200, Fresno, CA 93721, by email at or by phone at (559) 779-6612.  General information about the project can be obtained by contacting Sam Sherman, Caltrans Project Manager, or Matt Machado, North County Corridor Transportation Expressway Authority Manager.  Sam Sherman can be reached by email at or by phone at (209) 948-7765. Matt Machado can be reached by email at or by phone at (209) 525-4130.