California Department of Transportation


Project Fact Sheet



The City of Stockton and San Joaquin County, in cooperation with the San Joaquin Council of Governments, the California Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration, propose to relieve local and regional circulation problems and reduce existing and future congestion by improving the Interstate 5(I-5)/French Camp Road Interchange, including auxiliary lanes on I-5. Local roads adjacent to the interchange, would be relocated; and an arterial street, Sperry Road, would be constructed to provide a through connection between Interstate 5 and State Route 99 in the vicinity of the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Completion of this project will result in improved traffic circulation in the South Stockton Planning Area and access to planned City and County development and to the Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

The project includes three components: (1) reconstruction of the Interstate 5/French Camp Road Interchange, (2) extension of Sperry Road from Performance Drive to French Camp Road, and (3) relocation of Manthey Road.

Purpose and Need
The purpose of the proposed project is to reduce existing congestion, improve traffic operations, and accommodate anticipated travel demand through the year 2025. Specifically, the project purpose is to do the following:
• Improve regional east-west circulation in south Stockton
• Improve traffic operations at the Interstate 5/French Camp Road Interchange
• Improve traffic operations on Interstate 5
• Improve traffic operations at the French Camp Road/Manthey Road Intersection

The project is needed because south Stockton is facing traffic congestion and its resultant inefficient energy use, deteriorating air quality, and deteriorating levels of safety. Providing a continuous route between Interstate 5 and State Route 99 by connecting Sperry Road to French Camp Road and reconstructing the Interstate 5/French Camp Road Interchange is a necessary component of the overall program to improve transportation in south Stockton and San Joaquin County. To improve traffic conditions on this corridor, the following specific needs must be addressed:
• Reduce existing and projected traffic congestion
• Improve route continuity
• Reduce travel time and delay
• Improve freeway operations
• Improve traffic safety
• Improve system reliability for freight movement

The project would reconstruct the on-ramps at the French Camp Road Interchange to accommodate future ramp metering, high-occupancy vehicle lanes, and California Highway Patrol enforcement areas.

What’s Happening Now?
The environmental document for the project has been approved by the Stockton City Council. Final design and right-of-way acquisition is complete. Sperry Road Extension Project is in construction and scheduled to be completed by October 2013. Manthey Road Relocation Project is also in construction and will be completed by January 2013. French Camp Interchange Reconstruction Project is scheduled to start construction December 2012 with target completion by December 2015.

What Is the Overall Timeline for the Project?
Project Report 2003 (completed)
Project Approval and Environmental Document 2007 (completed)
Plan Specifics and Estimates - Completed 2011
Right-of-Way Purchases - Completed 2011
Begin Construction 2012
End Construction December 2015

Who Is Paying for the Project?
The current phase of the project is being funded in part by local Public Improvement Facilities Fees, State Proposition 1B funds (SLPP), Measure K funds, and a grant from the Federal Highway Administration. The costs of all improvements are estimated at $103 million dollars.