California Department of Transportation



Caltrans, along with the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) and the city of Manteca
partnered to widen the freeway from south of State Route 120 in Manteca to north of Arch Road
in Stockton. The project began construction in 2011 and included the reconstruction of the Main
Street/ Lathrop Road Interchange; replacement of the French Camp/ Turner Station Interchange;
installation of ramp meters; and construction of soundwalls and concrete median barriers.

This project’s initial budget was $250 million in 2007 at the height of the market, but bids came
in lower than expected and the project was awarded for $92 million less. The cost savings were
put into other projects, including the State Route 99 Pelandale Interchange Project

The Manteca State Route 99 Project ultimately received $89 million from the 2006 voter-approved
transportation bond, Proposition 1B.  The San Joaquin Council of Governments contributed
$36 million in local Measure K funds.

“Highway 99 is one of the busiest transportation routes in San Joaquin County,” said Caltrans
Director Malcolm Dougherty. “This $158 million multi-agency project will ease congestion,
decrease commute times and increase safety for visitors and businesses.”