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Dennis T. Agar, PE

District 10 Director

Dennis T. AgarDennis T. Agar was appointed to the position of Caltrans District 10 Director in June 2014. Dennis has over 26 years of diverse and valuable Caltrans experience including a wide variety of managerial, supervisory, and technical experience from the district and headquarters.

As District Director, Dennis oversees several programs including: Planning, Local Assistance and Environmental; Administration; Program and Project Management; and Maintenance and Operations. Dennis is responsible for more than 500 permanent and temporary employees and 3,500 lane miles. He oversees an annual budget of approximately $76 million and over $2.4 billion worth of programs and highway construction projects.

District 10 is a geographically diverse district lying in the northern San Joaquin Valley encompassing eight counties; three urban counties on the valley floor and five rural counties located in the foothill and mountain region of the Central Sierra. The counties include Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tuolumne.

The vision for the future of transportation in District 10 is to:

● Strengthen partnerships;
● Enhance safety, improve system performance and provide equitable access for all transportation modes;
● Through leadership, organizational excellence and collaboration; provide sustainable
and innovative transportation solutions that promote a growing economy and improve the quality of life for communities and users.

Prior to his appointment, Dennis served as the Caltrans Division Chief of Traffic Operations. Dennis assumed the duties on January 22, 2013, and was responsible for the statewide Traffic Operations Programs for Safety and Mobility, with nearly 1,350 employees and a budget of about $200 million. The Division establishes statewide policies and procedures, identifies and prioritizes the programming of safety and operational improvement projects, and manages the statewide Transportation and Encroachment Permits and Outdoor Advertising programs.

Dennis served almost four years as District 10's Deputy District Director of Maintenance and Operations and another four and a half years as the Deputy District Director of Program and Project Management. He also worked as a Project Manager and Design Branch Chief, in District 3 North Region, in addition to numerous engineering, staff and senior level assignments.