California Department of Transportation

Project Fact Sheet

State Route 99/Morada Lane Interchange Improvements, EA 10-0L1400 10-SJ 99 - PM 23.5/24.5


Project Description: The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in cooperation with the City of Stockton, the project sponsor, and San Joaquin Council of Governments, is in the initial stages of the Project Approval and Environmental Document Phase. The project team is studying the effects of major improvements to the interchange of State Route 99/Morada Lane. Project components for the interchange project may include reconstructing the interchange and realigning the frontage roads, as well as a no-build alternative.

Purpose and Need:

The purpose of the projects is to:

  • Maximize the efficiency of the interchange,
  • Prevent degradation of the freeway ramp operations,
  • Reduce traffic congestion and delay at the interchange,
  • Improve traffic operations and safety,
  • Improve City and County roadway operation,
  • Improve pedestrian, bicycle and transit access, and
  • Accommodate forecasted travel demand anticipated through the year 2035.

Environmental Document:

Caltrans is the California Environmental Quality Act lead agency, and National Environmental Policy Act lead agency under delegation. A blended California Enviromental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act Environmental document will be prepared for the proposed project. In addition numerous technical studies will be prepared for the proposed project including, a community impact assessment, visual impact assessment, natural environment study, historic property survey report, archeological survey report, historic resource evaluation report, farmland impact report, water quality assessment, noise study, and an air quality study.


Cost and Funding of Projects:

Estimated Total Project Costs:
Morada Lane Interchange Improvements: $50-$60 Million

Current Funding Source:
Public Facilities Fee Program (City of Stockton)

Estimated Project Schedule:

Environmental Documents

Design and Right of Way
Pending Funding Availability

Begin Construction Schedule
Pending Funding Availability

Contact Information:

For more information regarding the project, please contact Iorzua Akuva, Project Manager, at: (209) 941-1958, or e-mail:, or write to: Iorzua Akuva, Program/Project Management, Caltrans, P.O. Box 2048, Stockton, CA 95201-2048.