California Department of Transportation

Transportation Concept Reports and Data Updates

The Transportation Concept Report (TCR) is a planning document that describes the Department's conceptual improvement options for a given transportation route or corridor. Considering reasonable financial constraints and projected travel demand over a 20-year planning period, the TCR considers transportation facility needs for each route or corridor. The TCR is a tool for implementing interregional and statewide continuity of the State's transportation network. The objective of a TCR is to have local, regional, and state consensus on route or corridor concepts, improvement goals, and planning strategies.

For individuals with sensory disabilities, these documents can be made available in other formats by contacting our Public Information Office.

New reports will be posted as they are updated.

Transportation Concept Reports

Route 1
(PDF 3.6M)

Route 20 Fort Bragg to Willits
West of 101 (PDF 9.2M)

Route 20 east of Route 101
East of 101 (PDF 2.2M)

Route 29
(PDF 1.6M)

Route 36
(PDF 1.3M)

Route 53
(PDF 2.4M)

Route 96
(PDF 1.1M)

Route 101
(PDF 1.8M)

Route 128

Route 162
(PDF 36.2M)

Route 169
(PDF 1.5M)

Route 175
(PDF 848K)

Route 197
(PDF 2.0M)

Route 199
(PDF 1.5M)

Route 200
(PDF 723K)

Route 211
(PDF 1.6M)

Route 222
(PDF 1.1M)

Route 253
(PDF 1.6M)

Route 254

Route 255
(PDF 1.7M)

Route 271
(PDF 1.3M)

Route 281
(PDF 969K)

Route 283
(PDF 974K)

Route 299
(PDF 2.4M)

Data Updates

Signature Pages for Online TCRs

Route 128
(PDF 699K)