California Department of Transportation

Confusion Hill Realignment Project

Current photo The south bridge with the form traveler in place for the closure pour. (3.0M)

Current photo A closer view of the form traveler. (4.5M)

Current photo Workers install steel reinforcing bars (rebar) in the 12.5-foot gap at the center of the bridge. (3.6M)

Current photo The "Golden Coupler" is installed, symbolizing the final connection between the two sections of the bridge. (3.8M)

Current photo The view of the current highway and the infamous Confusion Hill Slide from near the center of the south bridge. (3.4M)

Current photo Inside the bridge, these steel cables will ensure the concrete stays in compression for maximum strength. (3.6M)

Current photo Looking through the center gap in the bridge before the form traveler was moved to its final location. (3.6M)

Current photo This tie-back retaining wall will be back-filled and covered when complete, never to be seen by travelers. (4.0M)

Current photo The public's current view of the completed north bridge. (3.7M)

Current photo The north bridge, looking north towards the location of next year's tie-in with the existing highway. (4.1M)

Current photo On the north bridge, looking south. The new highway curves gently between the two bridges (2.9M)

Current photo This tie-back retaining wall just south of Confusion Hill will allow for a wider and safer curve. (4.2M)