California Department of Transportation

Willits Bypass - Environmental Atlas

Entire Document (PDF 12.8MB)

Because the document is extremely large, we are also providing links to the individual maps in the atlas.

Table of Contents (PDF 159K)
Map 1 - Project Location (PDF 304K)
Map 2 - Study Area Physical Features (PDF 298K)
Map 3 - Project Alternatives and Nodal Locations (PDF 306K)
Map 4 - Alternative C1T Structures (PDF 441K)
Map 5 - Alternative E3 Structures (PDF 310K)
Map 6 - Alternative J1T Structures (PDF 304K)
Map 7 - Alternative LT Structures (PDF 304K)
Map 8 - Street Map (PDF 308K)
Map 9 - Traffic Volumes and Level of Service (PDF 305K)
Map 10 - Fault/Large Scale Landslide (PDF 308K)
Map 11 - Concentration of Affordable Housing (PDF 305K)
Map 12 - Commercial Areas along existing US 101 (PDF 304K)
Map 13 - Williamson Act and Timberland Protection Zone Parcels (PDF 308K)
Map 14 - Floodplain Encroachment (PDF 407K)
Map 15 - Distribution of Special-Status Plants in Little Lake Valley (PDF 315K)
Map 16 - Wetlands and Other Waters on the US (PDF 368K)
Map 17 - Distribution of Special-Status Wildlife/Raptors Observed in Little Lake Valley (PDF 307K)
Map 18 - Approximate Areas of Potential Spotted Owl Habitat W/I Project Study Area (PDF 304K)
Map 19 - Primary Winter Waterfowl Habitat Use Areas in Little Lake Valley (PDF 303K)
Map 20 - Location of Identified Stream Subreaches for Fisheries Analysis (PDF 318K)
Map 21 - Willits Bypass Cultural Resource Study - Historic Properties (PDF 300K)
Map 22 - Potential Hazardous Waste Locations (PDF 307K)
Map 23 - Landscape Assessment Units (LAU) (PDF 324K)
Map 24 - Noise Measurement Locations (PDF 305K)
Map 24b - Noise Receptor Locations (PDF 216K)
Map 25a - Alternative C1T Layout South Segment (Page 1) (PDF 537K)
Map 25a - Alternative C1T Layout South Segment (Page 2) (PDF 466K)
Map 25b - Alternative C1T Layout North Segment (PDF 477K)
Map 25c - Alternative C1T, Designated Borrow Site (PDF 542K)
Map 26a - Alternative E3 Layout, South Segment (Page 1) (PDF 570K)
Map 26b - Alternative E3 Layout, South Segment (Page 2) (PDF 593K)
Map 27a - Alternative J1T Layout South Segment (Page 1) (PDF 539K)
Map 27a - Alternative J1T Layout South Segment (Page 2) (PDF 571K)
Map 27b - Alternative J1T Layout North Segment (PDF 455K)
Map 27c - Alternative J1T, Designated Borrow Site (PDF 556K)
Map 28a - Alternative LT Layout South Segment (Page 1) (PDF 517K)
Map 28a - Alternative LT Layout South Segment (Page 2) (PDF 437K)
Map 28b - Alternative LT Layout North Segment (PDF 445K)
Map 28c - Alternative LT, Designated Borrow Site (PDF 539K)
Map 29 - Alternatives Studied, But Eliminated (PDF 297K)