California Department of Transportation District 1

Mad River Bridges Replacement - Photographs

Recent Photos

Mad River Bridges Completed
Mad River Bridges Completed (22K)

Construction at Mad River Bridge
Driving the first 7-foot diameter test pile at Pier 2 (2.9M)

Construction at Mad River Bridge
Load testing the Pier 2 pile (2.8M)

Construction at Mad River Bridge
Piles being driven for Pier 3 (3.2M)

Other Photos

The existing Mad River Bridge
Existing Mad River Bridges (223K)

Photo simulation of new bridge
Rendition Of Proposed New Bridges (139K)

Photo simulation of the pedestrian and bike lane
Rendition Of Proposed Multipurpose Path (155K)

Aerial view of bridges with alternate overlayed
West Alternative 1B (53K)