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  District 7 Travel Times on CMS
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Travel Times on CMS - Frequently Asked Questions
1 What happens if there is an Amber Alert or a bad accident?
  Caltans number one priority is the safety of the motoring public. Information for an Amber Alert or a major incident will have priority and the signs will be changed to reflect that information.
2 Will each CMS have the same destination points every day?
  Yes. Each CMS sign will have the same destination points. Only the estimated travel times will change.
3 Will the estimated travel times include those for motorists in High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV), or carpool lanes?
  No. The estimated travel times are focused on commuters in mixed flow lanes, not car-pool lanes, during weekday peak commute hours, Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.
4 Will all of the overhead Changeable Message Signs (CMS) have estimated travel time messages?
  Not at this time. We will have a three month deployment and continued six month evaluation initially. The first month Caltrans will utilize 14 CMS signs. As commuters become used to the travel time display, we will add more signs into travel time display service. We ultimately will deploy around 70 signs strategically located throughout our freeway system.
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