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ea: 284501

Route: 2     County: LA     Work:
Mile Post Beg./End: 14.2/23.1
Location: In Antelope Valley at the Lamont Odett Vista Point.
Detailed Project Scope: Install lighting, native vegetation, and interpretive signs, and provide stormwater mitigation.
Estimate Cost Range (x $million) 1 - 10
Working Days Range: 100
Proposed Advertisement Date: 2013-10-01
Types Of Work  
Arrow Highway Planting
Arrow Lighting
Quantity Of Major Highway Items  
Asphalt Condrete (Tons) 0
PCC (cy) 0
Aggregate Base (cy) 0
Imported Borrow (cy) 0
Roadway Excavation (cy) 0
Major Structure Items  
Steel (lbs): 0
PCC (cy): 0

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