Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014

Kudos from a Ventura Citizen and from the City of Bell
by  Guest
Issue Date: 07/2013

Accoclades to District 7 staff have recently arrived from many sources. Here are a few...

This issue of Inside 7 has four letters of accomodation written to and about District 7 staff members and offices.  Click on the "LETTERS" section on the Inside 7 main page to link to letters:  one from the City of Malibu, and another from the International Partnering Institute.

The following letter to the editor ran in the Ventura County Star newspaper, Monday, June 3, 2013. Jan E. Whitcomb works in District 7 Office of Design Surveys in Ventura.  The letter reads:

Crosswalk Changes

I’d like to thank Caltrans for adding an additional white line in front of the pedestrian crosswalk at the eastbound exit to Kimball Road on Highway 126. This is a busy crosswalk with people going over to the new park. The problem was that cars would stop in the crosswalk when the light was red, forcing people to walk around onto 45 mph Kimball Road. Very spooky!

Thanks in particular to Jan E. Whitcomb for all her help in seeing this work to completion. She called me several times to let me know the status of the project. I feel like she did a really great job! Also thanks to all the other Caltrans people behind the scene: engineers, administrators and road crews.

I have heard too many jokes about Caltrans crews and am now pleased to know personally that they are dedicated to public safety and do quality work in the process.
Jack Timmons, Ventura

The following letter was written on May 31, 2013 to Mike Miles, District 7 Director, from Joe Perez, Community Development Director in the City of Bell citing accommodations to District 7's  Inter-Governmental Review (IGR) staff and its Office Chief, DiAnna Watson.

Mr. Miles,

The City of Bell is in the process of entitling and selling approximately 40 acres of industrial property in order to meet a court ordered settlement deadline. The importance of successfully completing this project within a short time cannot be overstated. By completing the process, the City will avoid losing property through foreclosure and a potential deficiency judgment of $12-$15 million that would be financially devastating to the City.

In light of this, we asked to meet with Caltrans to discuss the project and receive input on traffic impacts and mitigation. The Caltrans District 7 staff was extremely accommodating in meeting with us early in the process. On May 13, 2013, the City of Bell's entitlement team met with IGR/CEQA Branch Chief DiAnna Watson and her staff. Ms. Watson and her group were extremely professional, reasonable and cooperative. It was also obvious that the Caltrans staff worked as a team in approaching problems and working thorough complex issues. Not only did we feel Ms. Watson and her team understood the City's challenging circumstances, but they also demonstrated incredible flexibility and creativity in addressing legitimate traffic related concerns. The valuable feedback we received was provided without delay and in such a way that allowed us to continue the environmental review process.

Once again, we were very impressed with Ms. Watson and her staff and are appreciative of their high level of cooperation with the City of Bell, especially during this critical time in the City's history, as it works to overcome significant financial challenges.

Best Regards,

Joe Perez
Community Development Director

City of Bell
6330 Pine Avenue, Bell, CA 90201
T(323) 588-6211 ext 296