Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
District 7 employees enjoy various treats at the Executive Staff Open House on December 22.

by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 01/2007

Welcome to the 13th Floor!

One of the most anticipated District 7 holiday traditions is the Executive Staff Open House, held in 2006 on December 21.

“The employees give so much of themselves all year,” said District Director Doug Failing. “This is an opportunity for me and the executive staff to give something back and show our appreciation for all their hard work.”

Three 13th floor conference rooms were brimming with treats, many of them homemade, such as Administration Deputy Jim Hammer’s wife’s pies, External Affairs Deputy Deborah Robertson’s chocolate chip cookies and Yueh-Shen Failing’s red bean cakes.

Hundreds of employees visited the Open House, enjoying the festive atmosphere (special thanks to Marcia Graves and Yessica Jovel of Public Affairs for the beautiful holiday decorations).

“We all get so busy with our own jobs,” Failing said. “This allows us to see the people who make this such a productive and creative district.”


District Director Doug Failing leads employees on a tour of the offices as part of the Open House. Deputies Jim Hammer, Administration, Andrew Nierenberg, Right of Way, Dan Freeman, Maintenance, Ron Kosinski, Environmental Planning, Deborah Robertson, External Affairs, and Tad Teferi, Program and Project Management.  Employees find different food and decorations in each room.