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Current Issue: September 2014
District 7 CSECC volunteers  - (standing, from left):  Leila Sy, Operations; Maria Raptis, External Affairs; Anna Portillo, Planning/Local Assistance;  Sabrina Farrar, Construction; Anna Luevano, Design; Carlos De Leon, Operations; Tanisha Butcher, Program/Project Mgmt;  Elsa King, Operations; Ozell Wilson, Planning/Local Assistance;  Yahna Ortiz, Maintenance. (seated, from left) Maria Angeles, Administration; and Thu Nguyen, Program/Project Mgmt.

Caltrans is Gearing Up for Giving
by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 09/2012

CSECC, the statewide charitable giving campaign, begins October 2.

Soon, pledge forms for the 55th Annual California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) will be distributed to District 7 employees.

The district’s campaign effort begins on Tuesday, October 2 – and continues throughout the month - with a CSECC Kick-Off taking place from 11 am to 1 pm in the district office’s conference rooms.    (click on photo to enlarge)

California law requires that all state employees be given an opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice through payroll deduction. Since 1957, the CSECC has provided one fundraising drive for state employees to contribute to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.

There are two changes to this year’s campaign: the pledge form has changed slightly and the monthly minimum contribution has increased from $2 to $5.

“If you’re currently contributing $2 monthly through an automatic payroll deduction, it can continue if you choose; it will be ‘grandfathered’ in your prior year’s pledge commitment,” said Anna Luevano, Design Division, and District 7’s CSECC liaison. “This year, the monthly minimum pledge has increased to $5 per month.”

Kimberly Gamble, Deputy District Director, External Affairs Division, is the executive over District 7’s CSECC fundraising efforts and she will host the Kick-Off event. Several nonprofit organizations will visit District 7 on this day to share information on their services and volunteer opportunities. Those attending are City of Hope, Asian Pacific Community Fund, United Way of Greater Los Angeles, California Transportation Foundation, Guide Dogs of America, and several others.

In addition to the CSECC campaign, District 7 will seek donations throughout October earmarked for the California Transportation Foundation (CTF), whose primary mission is to support the state’s transportation community with scholarships for students planning a career in transportation, financial assistance to those injured on the job and to the families of those workers who died while on the job.

In 2011, District 7 employees raised $800 for CTF and this year’s goal is $1000, said Luevano. CTF contributes to costs associated with roadway memorial signs, Caltrans annual Workers Memorial Day, career development, awards, recognition and transportation forums and education.

A group of volunteers from District 7 are responsible to distribute, track and collect the CSECC pledge forms and participate in fundraising efforts. The volunteers are: Administration- Maria Angeles; Construction- Sabrina Farrar; Design- Anna Luevano and Alfred Hernandez; Environmental Planning- Ling Ta Wong; External Affairs- Maria Raptis; Maintenance - Yahna Ortiz; Operations - Carlos DeLeon, Jamshed Hyder, Elsa King, and Leila Sy; Planning, Public Transportation and Local Assistance - Anna Portillo and Ozell Wilson; Program/Project Management - Tanisha Butcher and Thu P Nguyen; Right of Way - Kanji Hayashi and Alonso Loera.

In 2011, Caltrans employees statewide donated $645,287 through the CSECC, the second largest amount following the California Highway Patrol’s $669,641 contribution. Last year, all state employees, including boards, commissions, agencies, constitutional officers and retirees, pledged $6.9 million.

The CSECC encourages state employees to volunteer and can assist in connecting volunteers with service organizations in their communities. For more information about volunteering, visit the CSECC website at The California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board provides oversight of the CSECC The campaign ends on October 31; the results of total contributions will be posted on the CSECC website.

It's the 55th Annual California State Employees Charitable Campaign!