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Current Issue: September 2014
From left: VA Team Members .Daniel S. Widjaja,Construction;
Ashraf A Habbak,Project Manager; Ramesh Patel, Structures Maintenance;
Debbie Wong,Design Manager; District 7 Director Mike Miles;   Ken Yip,Planning.

District 7 Wins Two Value Analysis Awards
by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 06/2012

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Staff in District 7 received one Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) award and one Caltrans "Value Analysis Coordinator of the Year" Award. in 2012.

Awards in these categories are handed out once every four years: one is the FHWA/Caltrans “Value Engineering Study of the Year Award,” received this year for the LA-5- LA I-5 PCC Rehabilitation project.

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding implemented results from a particular VA/VE study completed in a given fiscal year. Award criteria include: solving problems; innovative solutions; performance improvements (expressed in percentage, including improving public image, reducing construction time, expediting project delivery, improving operations and easing maintenance; life-cycle cost savings and total cost savings. 

This is a 3-R (Resurface, Restore, and Rehabilitate) project which proposes various pavement strategies to extend the service life of the existing major interstate freeway. The core work of the $130 million project involves in-kind replacement of the existing 3rd stage cracked PCC slabs with rapid strength concrete (RSC) to accommodate heavy truck traffic loads on both the N/B and S/B directions.

Of the 10 ten possible solutions to the original project concept baseline proposed by the VA
Team, four alternatives were accepted by key decision stakeholders. By utilizing PCC during daytime construction operation, in lieu of placing Rapid Strength Concrete (RSC) at nighttime construction as it was originally proposed by the design team, this strategy would provide a savings of approximately $30 million in material costs. Overall, the project total cost was reduced to $100 million.

Construction started in March, 2012 and the PCC placement strategy has been mplemented as recommended in the final VA report.

Sharing in the award were: Ashraf A. Habbak, Project Manager; Debbie Wong, Design Manager; John Zaki, Maintenance Design; Daniel S. Widjaja, Construction; Ramesh Patel, Structures Maintenance; Varoozh Torossian, Traffic Management; and Ken Yip, Planning.

The second of two awards is for the “Value Analysis Coordinator of the Year,” which was presented to Duke Nguyen, Assistant Value Analysis Coordinator. The purpose of this award is to recognize the important role that the District Value Analysis Coordinator contributes to the success of the Caltrans Value Analysis Program Coordinators from a given District or Region.

Award criteria include:
Promoting the Value Analysis Program among Caltrans employees, local agencies and others; exceptional effort in finding and providing qualified district staff to participate in studies; maintaining a good pool of district employees with recent VA training; and consistent correspondence with the Headquarters VA program.

Nguyen’s immediate supervisor is Jamal El-Jamal, D7 VA Coordinator, VA Unit and Office Chief is Elaheh Yadegar, Office of Project and Special Studies.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Duke Nguyen, D7 assistant VA Coordinator, is congratulated by District 7 Director Mike Miles.