Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014

Building District 7’s Online Infrastructure: Introducing Our New Blog
by  Kelly Markham
Issue Date: 11/2011

Caltrans has just completed construction on a new connector. No contractor was involved, and no car will ever drive on it, but it requires a lot of maintenance … every day in fact.

It’s called the Caltrans Connector, and it’s District 7’s new blog, produced by the Media Relations and Public Affairs Unit. The blog, which is updated daily, is an educational and informational tool, one that broadens the public's understanding of what Caltrans does and introduces them to the talented people who work here. Here’s where to find it: (It makes a great bookmark … hint, hint.)

The goal of the Caltrans Connector is to connect the public to District 7 in a way that’s more accessible and reader-friendly than more traditional communication channels. It also strives to be more timely, which is easier to do with a daily blog post than a monthly newsletter. Recent posts have featured closure information, project photos, answers to frequently asked questions about Caltrans, and media coverage of the agency.

The Caltrans Connector is in good company. Many transportation agencies are producing blogs that educate the public about their work, including Metro (The Source) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (Fast Lane). The Caltrans Connector is one of two Caltrans blogs currently in production, the other being a blog produced by District 10.

As a new blog, the Caltrans Connector is just beginning to build an audience. To increase readership, Public Affairs is putting the blog address on its printed and digital materials and talking it up at outreach events. You can help make the blog a success in two ways: one, share it with your contacts, and two, send us your suggestions for topics. If there's something blog-worthy going on in your unit, please let us know. Send us your project photos, award announcements, updates on interesting projects, etc. Call or email any Public Information Officer:

Judy Gish 7-3487
Maria Raptis 7-9372
Patrick Chandler 7-3630
Kelly Markham 7-0303

All suggestions are welcome and appreciated!