Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
The staff of the Ventura County satellite office.

by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 01/2007

Ventura County residents can find many Caltrans services right in their own backyards.

If there’s one thing the Ventura County satellite office's Senior Transportation Engineer would like people to know, it’s that there is a Caltrans office close by that can handle much of the routine business that would otherwise require a trip or at least a phone call to downtown Los Angeles.

“We’re always available, and we cover a wide spectrum of issues,” says Lee Rennacker, who supervises the office.

The Caltrans Ventura office, established in 1990 to accommodate the growing level of activity in Ventura County, is currently used most often for encroachment permits but it also can perform traffic investigations, design, and hydraulics. It also provides valuable information to the public during emergencies, as it did during the storms of 2004/5.

Located in an attractive courtyard building, the office is right downstairs from the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC), which makes it convenient should it be necessary to interact with that agency. 

Staff includes Jennifer Piecul, of Freeway Operations, Nayna Shah of Traffic Operations, and Rey Ciriaco, of Traffic Design (Electrical).  The rest of the staff consists of Ernie Acosta, Abbass Ahmadi, Elias Fayad, Alan Davis and Don Dalbey, all of Permits, and Assistant Administrator Jan Whitcomb, of Surveys.

For local residents and other agencies, not only is the office handy but, because it’s small, it can deliver services quickly and directly, Rennacker says. “Those who deal with the Ventura office say they find it remarkably efficient.” He encourages local residents and agencies to take advantage of the office’s services. 

Senior Transportation Engineer Lee Rennaker, who supervises the Ventura office. Jan Whitcolm of Surveys assists with many of the office functions. The office sits in a sunny courtyard building, right below the Ventura County Transportation Commission.