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Current Issue: September 2014

Grateful mother, thanks Caltrans employees
by  Guest
Issue Date: /2009

Dear Caltrans District 7,

I am a very grateful parent in Northern California contacting you to express my sincere thanks for the incredible service the people at District 5 and 7 Caltrans provided this week.

On Tuesday this week, our 24 year old daughter, Julia, a Chem. Eng. graduate of UCSB, purchased a sofa from one of her co-workers. Julia lives in Goleta and the coworker lives in Ventura. On a recommendation, she hired a Ventura-based handyman with a truck to move the item. When he delivered the sofa Tuesday evening, two seat cushions were missing. The handyman claimed that he left them at the house in Ventura, but we later found out that they had in fact fallen off his truck. As you can imagine, Julia was pretty heartbroken. What good is a couch with two missing cushions?

On Wednesday morning, she got a call from the coworker’s wife telling her that she’d spotted the cushions near the center divider on Hwy 101 just North of Ventura near State Beach. At this point I called the Caltrans office in Santa Barbara and spoke with Wayne Hummel. I was struck by his professional and decisive response. He connected me to Eric Jakab in District 7 who, realizing the cushions could be a hazard to motorists, promptly drove to the site and safely retrieved them. He contacted my daughter at work and by 3:00 PM she had the completely undamaged cushions in her possession! (Now she has an intact sofa for her Super Bowl get together!)

I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this may not seem like a very significant event, but on a human level it was fantastic. It gave us an enduring respect for the Caltrans organization, particularly Mr. Hummel, Mr. Jakob and their staff. When they said they’d give it their best shot – they really meant it!


Mrs. Pat Gast
Saratoga, California