Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Administration Division Deputy Duncan McIntosh watches over his mini-cupcakes, which were a big hit.

Executive Staff Deck the Halls for Holiday Open House
by  Judy Gish
Issue Date: 01/2011

One of the great District 7 traditions is the Executive Offices Open House, held last year on December 21. This year's event was managed by Construction Deputy Roy Fisher and Adminstration Deputy Duncan McIntosh and funded by all the Executives. It featured even-more-creative-than-usual  decorations put together with care  by the executive assistants and tables laden with treats along with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Executive Staff. A new addition was Robert Colvin of the district's house band Traffic Jam providing soulful holiday tunes on the soprano saxophone. All in all, a very festive event helped ring out the old year and set employees humming happily into the new one, thanks to the Executives and all the holiday elves. 

Alisa George (in purple),of the Cashiers Office,  Senior Transportation Electrical Engineer Allen Chen and Senior Environmental Planner  Garrett Damrath (R)share a holiday moment. District 7 Director Mike Miles and HOV Operations/Traffic Monitoring Branch Chief Dawn Helou exchange greetings. Utility Engineer Mitra Vahid(L),Assistant Caltrans Administrator Anna Luevano, Right of Way Agent Francisco Paras Jr. and Public Information Officer Kelly Markham (R) enjoy the festivities while External Affairs Deputy Deborah Robertson (far left)converses in the background. Robert Colvin (L) plays while Graphic Services Videographer Steve Devorkin listens.