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Current Issue: September 2014
Environmental Planner Francis Appiah took the Red Line during Rideshare Week and won a Flip camcorder. He's pictured here with Rideshare Coordinator Johnny Yee.

PHOTO HIGHLIGHT: Share a Ride, Win a Prize!
by  Kelly Markham
Issue Date: 12/2010

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Typically, people use transit or carpool to save money, help the environment, even to ease the stress of driving. But during Rideshare Week, held October 4 through 8, there was another good reason to try ridesharing: to win a prize!

District 7 staff who pledged to rideshare for just one day during Rideshare Week were eligible to win a number of prizes, ranging from gift cards to a Flip video camera. The giveaway was part of  “The Perfect Match,” a ridesharing promotion sponsored by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. About 60 District 7 employees participated. Environmental Planner Francis Appiah, who regularly commutes to the headquarters building by bus or on the Red Line, snagged the Flip. Congratulations, Francis!