Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014

PHOTO HIGHLIGHT: Student Intern Luncheon
by  Kelly Markham
Issue Date: 09/2010

Caltrans hosted a luncheon on August 12 at District 7 Headquarters for nine students who participated in the Public Works High School Internship Program. The six-week program exposes junior and senior high school students to careers in transportation engineering, giving them on-the-job experience in Program and Project Management, Planning, Design, Construction, Surveys and Permits. Students also went on several field trips, including visits to the Transportation Management Center, Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and Diamond Valley Lake. Caltrans staff acted as student supervisors and workshop facilitators.

The summer Internship Program is sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Public Works Department, the California Student Outreach Program and Caltrans District 7 with funding provided by engineering and construction consultants.