Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014

Awards Aplenty Given at the District 7 Staff Meeting
by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 07/2010

Several awards were presented at the monthly District 7 Staff Meeting held on June 3 in Los Angeles including the Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award, and a special recognition from a local agency to a District 7 employee.

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San Dimas Landslide Recovery Team Receives the Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award

Yanina Bashoura, Gerardo Ochoa, Gustavo Ortega, and Martin Sandoval of the Construction Division; and Patrick Chandler, External Affairs Division, were awarded the Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award, a merit award from the Caltrans Employee Recognition Program for exceptional contributions to improving state government. Each person was recognized with a certificate and a $250 cash prize for his and her outstanding work on this $2 million emergency slope repair project.  The work involved slope stabilization and reconstruction of a hillside that slid on February 18 at the westbound San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) connector road to northbound Orange Freeway (SR-57). The connector reopened on March 25, but one month later, on April 25, the hillside slid again at an adjacent location. The connector was closed  for additional work and reopened on May 12. Crews terraced portions of the hillside, installed new drainage pipes to remove water from inside of the hill and compacted the soil.

Local Agency Recognizes Outstanding Customer Service from Mazen Dabbousi

The City of Huntington Park recognized Mazen Dabbousi, transportation civil engineer, Office of Local Assistance, with a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding work during the past year to assist the city with acquiring $5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funds for local transportation improvement projects. Daboussi packaged 24 of his unit’s 228 total projects for local agencies. The overall mission of the Office of Local Assistance is to help local and regional agencies within District 7 achieve timely delivery of local transportation projects. Following state and federal requirements, Dabbousi and 33 co-workers processed project funding applications and other documentation, and served as the primary contact for local agencies, who are reimbursed for their transportation projects through Caltrans. The City of Huntington Park showed its appreciation for Dabbousi’s hard work and extraordinary customer service with this well-deserved recognition.

From left to right:  Terry Abbott, Interim Chief Deputy District Director; Sustained Superior Accomplishment award recipients Gustavo Ortega, Construction;  Patrick Chandler, External Affairs; Martin Sandoval, Construction; Yanina Bashoura, Construction.  Not pictured is Gerardo Ochoa, Construction. From left to right:  Terry Abbott, Interim Chief Deputy District Director; Mazen Dabbousi, Office of Local Assistance; and James McCarthy, Deputy District Director, Planning, Public Transportation and Local Assistance.