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Current Issue: September 2014
 Left to right: Christine Sorensen, widow of Deputy Sheriff Stephen Sorensen; Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, Tom Lackey, Palmdale City Council member and a member of the California Highway Patrol; Steve Remige, President Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS); Floyd Hayhurst, ALADS Vice President; CHP Captain Nick Norton, Commander, Antelope Valley station; ALADS Secretary Robert Connor; Deborah Robertson, Caltrans Deputy District Director for External Affairs; and Captain Carl Deeley, Commander, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, Lancaster

by  Jeanne Bonfilio
Issue Date: 12/2006

Career law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty is memorialized when a state highway is named in his honor.

 A six-mile stretch of State Route 138 east of Pearblossom through the community of Llano was recently named “Deputy Sheriff Steven Sorensen Memorial Highway,” in honor of the 46-year-old Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy killed August 2, 2003 in the line of duty.  The stretch of highway is nearest to the area where Sorensen patrolled, and about two miles from where he was killed in a desert shootout outside an isolated trailer. 
 The highway name was approved under legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Sharon Runner.  New highway signage was unveiled and installed on Wednesday, October 18 and dedicated the same day at a special ceremony held at the Lancaster Sheriff’s station.  The two new signs were placed near 135th Street East and near 195th Street East. 
 Assemblywoman Runner said, "From this moment forward, every motorist traveling along the highway will see the name of a man who gave his life in defense of our society.  And while they may not know of the man behind the name, they will be reminded of the sacrifices made all too often by members of our law enforcement community."
 At the time he was mortally wounded, Sorensen had stopped and radioed in the license number of a parked car after following up on a routine trespassing complaint nearby.  “Steve is probably the epitome of what we want a deputy to be,” said Captain Carl Deeley, commander, Lancaster Sheriff’s station.  “He understood not only the letter of the law; he understood the spirit of the law.” 
 The Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), the union representing deputies, paid for the cost and installation of the signs.  "To every person who sees those signs, they will appreciate more the job that deputy sheriffs do for them day in and day out," said ALADS President Steve Remige.   
 Sorensen had been a resident deputy for three years in Lake Los Angeles.  He leaves behind his wife, Chris, also present at the ceremony, and a toddler son, Matthew.  Captain Deely added, “He will be a role model for future generations who will want to know who Steve Sorensen was."
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 With Assemblywoman Sharon Runner at left looking on, Deborah Robertson, Caltrans Deputy District Director for External Affairs, presents a mock freeway sign to Steve Remige from the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs.