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Current Issue: September 2014
Thank you for the fun Caltrans tour. I liked the street sweeper.  John, Wayne, Steve, Dave and Ben were very nice, says a thank-you note from one of the young students.

by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 12/2006

Caltrans' Highway Maintenance and Tree Maintenance Crews offer demonstrations to young students in Camarillo

On October 19, the dedicated supervisors and hard-working crews in District 7’s West Region Maintenance Yard in Camarillo conducted tree climbing demonstrations and a tour of the yard for local students.  

The students from Trinity Pacific Christian School were shown some heavy-duty mechanical brush cutters used for vegetation close to the ground, street sweepers, chain saws, a tree climbing demonstration and use of personal hoists, hydraulic tools, and of course, big trucks. The crew answered the children’s questions on tree climbing crew work safety, management of falling limbs and branches, and caring for the health and aesthetic beauty of the trees.  

“This is a sight to behold,” said John Poppe, Regional Manager of District 7 West Region.  “Our Camarillo Road Maintenance Supervisor, John Ortiz, who coordinated the effort, has always been active with local schools in providing tours and demonstrations of equipment and maintenance techniques.  One of the highlights at the demonstration is our tree climbing crew and the use of big chain saws.  Jose Escobedo, Tree Maintenance Supervisor, and his crews were instrumental in demonstrating the various functions and maneuvers involved in tree trimming and maintenance. Our West Region crews are providing a positive message to young people and their parents of the good work Caltrans does."

Caltrans’ Maintenance program is responsible for the care and upkeep of State highways and this includes managing roadside vegetation and trees. And because safety comes first, the need for vegetation control is driven primarily by safety issues, such as minimizing fire hazards and enhancing visibility of traffic, highway structures, signage and wildlife.  Other reasons for vegetation management include controlling weeds and pests, promoting good drainage to minimize storm water runoff and erosion, protecting pavement and roadside structures and equipment.

The children sent thank-you notes to the crew, one of which said, “Dear Caltrans Guys, thanks for a great tour of your big work equipment and thanks for keeping our roads safe. We appreciate the work you do.”   


Parents are also on-hand to learn about Caltrans many roadside duties and safety measures. Two boys get a whole new education on trucks.