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Caltrans Quarter Century Club: The People That Brought You The Interstate And More
by  Patrick Chandler
Issue Date: 02/2010

With the hundreds of years of combined Caltrans experience in one room. District 7’s Quarter Century Club (QCC) poses as an indispensable resource for today’s Caltrans employees.

Since 1939 the QCC has been comprised of many of the Caltrans employees who planned, designed, and oversaw the construction of the original interstate highway system in the Los Angeles area. QCC members worked on the Santa Monica Freeway (I-10), the Long Beach Freeway (I-710), and the Hollywood Freeway (US 101) to name a few were the products of many of the members in the QCC.

“It is a social club that allows retirees and working members to keep in touch and carry on Caltrans traditions,” said QCC President and Treasurer Tom Almany. “Many members care a great deal about Caltrans and we hope that it continues to be a great department.”

Almany was the Office Chief of Maintenance Support when he retired in 2005 with 44 years of State service.

“They built the interstate,” said the club’s District Secretary Kirsten Stahl, who is a senior district materials engineer. Stahl has worked for Caltrans for over 30 years, and used to attend QCC events with her parents. “The members provide lots of helpful insight for maintenance engineering. They stay connected to help out.”

Comprised of former and current Caltrans employees, QCC members meet several times during the year, with one big meeting during the holiday season.

“It is kind of like a class reunion. It’s fun to see old friends that I have worked with for many years,” said Stahl.

The club is more than just a rich repository of Caltrans knowledge, it also helps those who have retired to keep in touch with each other, with the district, and Caltrans statewide.

Unfortunately, the membership has been in the decline.

“In years past, the QCC’s annual luncheon would have 140 to 200 attendees. Now we only have 40,” said Almany. “We are looking for new employees who still work in the building downtown. We want new people to get involved and we need help.”

Caltrans employees are eligible to join the QCC with 20 years of Caltrans service as associate members. Those with 25 years of service can join as full members. Upon joining members pay an annual membership fee of $15 and receive a quarterly newsletter.

“The QCC helps to bridge the history of the department between those who have left and those who will inherit the department,” said soon-to-be-member and Vandalism Coordinator Vincent Moreno.

“People who are my age or younger who have 25 years would enjoy going to a meeting to talk to the people who have been there and done that,” said Stahl on the importance of joining the QCC. “We must touch base with history before it disappears.”

To join the District 7 Quarter Century Club, please contact the following members for more information:

Tom Almany - 213-718-6650
Kirsten Stahl - 213-897-0470
Doris Nakamura - 213-897-1883