Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014

District 7 Staff Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2010!
by  Kelly Markham
Issue Date: 01/2010

Employees told us their resolutions. We wrote them down. And now we’re sharing the list with the entire District. So no slacking off!

The New Year is here, and that means it’s time for resolutions! What will District 7 staff be doing differently in 2010? Inside 7 decided to find out. We asked a random sample of employees about their plans for personal transformation this year, and twisted their arms until they told us.

District 7 employees will be working on a wide range of goals in the coming months. A transportation engineer has vowed to come to work earlier, a Staff Services Analyst has pledged to try five new things, and a Deputy District Director has resolved to stop making resolutions. Many employees are planning to eat better and get in shape, emerging strong and svelte by year’s end. Others want to improve their relationships and enjoy life more.

The complete list of staff resolutions is below (alphabetical, by last name), so if one of your coworkers is slacking, you can gently and kindly encourage them to get back on track – or the elliptical trainer, as the case may be. You could also taunt them with a chocolate donut. Not that we would ever do that.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive 2010 from Inside 7!

Tammi Altamirano, Office Technician: To exercise and get a six pack.

Eusebio Branom, Personnel Technician: To get in shape.

Rochelle Brown, Staff Services Analyst: To be a better person.

Tanisha Butcher, Associate Governmental Program Analyst: To be more grateful and thankful for the things I have.

Jayne Crowder, Associate Governmental Program Analyst: To try at least five things I’ve never done before.

Mazen Dabboussi, Transportation Engineer: To raise my kids properly so they can prosper, and to stay healthy.

Mario de Jesus, Assistant to the Chief Deputy Director: To keep working hard and do better than last year.

Meredith Denzler, Deputy Attorney: To get pregnant.

Steve Devorkin, Television Specialist: To stop worrying about making resolutions.

Oswald Elizondo, Senior Transportation Engineer: To be a better person.

Roy Fisher, Deputy District Director for Construction: To make more time for my staff.

Marcia Graves, Staff Services Analyst: To be better than I was the year before, to appreciate the things I have, and not complain about the things I don’t have.

Joyce Gresham, Staff Services Analyst: To be kinder to people and help out where I can, to conserve expenses, and to make more money.

Deborah Harris, Chief of Media Relations and Public Affairs: To exercise.

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Dalia Jaramillo, Associate Right of Way Agent: To enjoy life more.

Peter Jones, Assistant to the Deputy District Director of Operations: To eat better.

Pam Kay, Office Technician: To improve my personal relationships.

Rick Land, Interim District Director: To slow down, take more time, pay attention to detail, and enjoy every minute of every day.

Duncan McIntosh, Deputy District Director for Administration: To be creative and innovative in everything I do.

Raja Mitwasi, Chief Deputy District Director: To start taking care of my cholesterol, exercise more, and manage stress better.

Mohammad Mohsenzadeh, Transportation Engineer: To be more active in helping others.

Motorists: To stop throwing trash out of car windows, to slow down in construction zones, and to always drive responsibly. (Ed. Note: We made that one up. Hey, we can dream, right?)

Levi Onyiah, Transportation Engineer: To move to Sacramento.

Jim McCarthy, Deputy District Director for Planning and Local Assistance: To help improve staff morale.

Francisco Paras, Jr., Right of Way Agent: To get promoted.

Nikita Peterson, Office Technician: To be a better parent and a better person overall.

Thomas Ritter, AV Assistant: To be a better person.

Deborah Robertson, Deputy District Director of External Affairs: To not make a resolution because I have a heck of a time keeping them.

Bridgette Taylor, Staff Services Analyst: To start working out.

Hamid Toossi, Design Manager: To be as good as I can be.

Newton Wong, Environmental Planner: To get to work on time more.

Charlie Wu, Transportation Engineer: To exercise at least three times per week.

The most common District 7 resolutions relate to improving physical health. Many employees said they’re going to focus on exercising more. Improving personal relationships was at the top of many employees’ to-do lists for 2010. Several employees said they’ve resolved to reduce stress and enjoy life more.