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Current Issue: September 2014
Delegates from Thailand and Caltrans gathered to share ideas to improve transportation in Thailand's developing areas.

Land of a Thousand Smiles Visits the Land of Thousands of Miles of Freeways and Highways
by  Patrick Chandler
Issue Date: 10/2009

With a growing need to improve Thailand’s transportation system, Thai delegates from the Chonburi Province visit Caltrans

Chonburi Province Governor Mr. Seni Chittakasem along with Thai transportation officials and representatives from Chulalongkorn University visited District 7’s district office on Tuesday, September 1 to learn about Caltrans transportation system planning, city planning, infrastructure asset management, intermodal transportation, highway maintenance and management, traffic operation systems, and environmental planning.

District 7’s Senior Landscape Architect, Ed Siribohdi, a Thai-American, considered this event as chance to help his former homeland. “They [the delegates] are trying to find ways to improve their transportation system. They have a new major port in the Chonburi Province to divert commerce traffic from Bangkok,” said Siribohdi. “We have a wealth of knowledge and they are just starting what we [Caltrans] have been doing for years.”