Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Directors Zone

by  Douglas R. Failing
Issue Date: 11/2006

This month’s Capital Project Delivery Celebration was a great time to celebrate once again with one another on our recent project delivery accomplishments -- and look forward to making and reaching new and exciting goals for next year and beyond.
We now have a great track record on which to build for delivery of projects -- on time and at a reasonable cost.  The next big step is to look more carefully at the quality of the products and services we deliver.  Let us always ask ourselves: “What can we do to improve the quality of the goods and services we produce?” 

What we want to do, together, is to make sure we are always, constantly, finding new and better ways to increase and improve quality.  And as we aspire to those higher goals, let us continue to deliver -- not just on time -- and not just at the lowest cost -- but to deliver the best quality projects possible. 

As we are now much closer to the November elections, may I remind everyone once again of the importance of voting.  Please remember our role is to educate, instead of advocate.  I would like to share the following information with you again about two important transportation propositions on the November ballot:
Proposition 1A is the new protection-of-transportation funding measure (the so-called "fix" to the language of 2002's Proposition 42, making it harder to divert future gas sales tax revenues away from transportation projects).
Proposition 1B is the $19.9-billion transportation bond (which also includes money for disaster preparedness and air quality).
With the fall season now upon us, I would like to share a conversation I had in the elevator recently with Rene Trujillo from Graphic Arts.  Rene is an artist and commented to me on the beauty of the new autumn weather and how differently our city looks in this lighting.  It reminded me of what a great city we work in and of all the different events that will occur this time of year. 

And with this in mind, I would like share with you the efforts by our Maintenance crews who have been hard at work performing storm drain clean-up in preparation for the rainy season ahead.  Each year in the fall, prior to the winter rains, Maintenance personnel perform extensive preventative maintenance activities to clean and clear all of District 7’s storm drains of litter, debris and shrubbery that clog our storm drains and culverts.  This work was completed on time on October 15, and is vitally important to help keep pollutants out of our rivers and streams, help reduce our need for Maintenance crews working during storms – and to keep our roadways safe for the traveling public and safe for our employees.  Please read more about this effort by our Division of Maintenance in the December issue of Inside Seven.

And as we move into this fall season, I would like to ask everyone to please be more conscious about safety – on and off the job.  Many new activities, family gatherings and holiday events will be held during the following months, so please remember to always drive with extra care and caution.  Never drink and drive.  And please help spread the Caltrans safety slogan: SLOW FOR THE CONE ZONE.  Driving SLOW FOR THE CONE ZONE can, and does, save lives. 

District 7 Director