Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Special Crews Manager Bob Vennard.

Special Crews has a New Manager
by  Patrick Chandler
Issue Date: 07/2009

With more than three decades of experience, Vennard becomes the Special Crews Maintenance Manager.

For nearly 36 years Robert “Bob” Vennard has worked in District 7’s  Maintenance Division and was recently promoted to Maintenance  Manager II for the Special Crews Region.

In this role, Vennard will manage the District-wide sign, striping, electrical, and bridge maintenance crews.

“Bob has the experience to oversee the broad base responsibilities that the Special Crews Manager needs for this position,” said Deputy District Director of Maintenance Dan Freeman.

“Originally, I came to Caltrans because I wanted to work outdoors,” said Vennard, who has spent 25 years working in the Special Crews Region. “Now I work indoors and I am learning how to use my Blackberry,” he said jokingly.

Over the years, Vennard has seen many changes in how he and his crewmembers perform their tasks. “Many of the tools and hardware that we use has become even more specialized and effective,” he said.

After graduating from Pasadena City College in 1973, Vennard’s love of the outdoors lead him to a career at Caltrans as a Highway Maintenance Worker.  In 1977, Vennard became an Equipment Operator and, two years later, he promoted to Heavy Equipment Operator while working and living at the Chilao Maintenance Station.

In 1985, Vennard was elevated to the position of Highway Maintenance Leadworker on the Heavy Sign Crew and a year later, became Supervisor in the Special Crews Region.  In 2001, he was named Area Superintendent.

His activities at Caltrans include his membership in the Substance Abuse Information Network (SAIN) that provides support to Caltrans workers who are having problems with substance abuse.

Vennard is originally from Glendale and currently resides in Santa Clarita.

“Overall, I want to consolidate to increase efficiency,” said Vennard. “I plan on making a few changes by combining the night graffiti crew and combining the raised pavement marker crews.”