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Overall Winner of the 2009 'Slow for the Cone Zone' poster contest. The poster was created by Rebecca Lai, daughter of District 7 right of Way Agent Lydia Lai

District 7 Kid Wins 2009 "Slow for the Cone Zone" Poster Contest

Issue Date: 04/2009

Rebecca Lai, 16, of San Marino, is the Overall Winner of the 2009 Caltrans "Slow for the Cone Zone" Poster Contest. Daughter of District 7 Right of Way Agent Lydia Lai, Rebecca is a 10th grader at the Webb Schools of California.
The poster contest was created to bring awareness about driving safely in and around work zones while at the same time providing young people with an opportunity to express themselves artistically.
Rebecca won a $200 bond from the California Transportation Foundation (CTF) for her achievement. The contest was open to the children and grandchildren of Caltrans employees. Posters were judged on creativity, reflection of theme and the use of color. Two other entries, one from 15-year-old Andrew Montoya of Colton and another from 10-year-old twins Gabriel and Daniel Robles from Elk Grove, also were honored.

Rebecca Lai (center) with her mother, Lydia Lai, and father, a former Caltrans worker in the Bay Area.