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So easy, even a Media Relations specialist can do it. Judy Gish takes on the E-85 pump and wins!


Issue Date: 09/2008

District 7 Fleet Vehicle Users Can Now Use E-85 Fuel.

As of August 18, Caltrans District 7 Automotive Pool announed that employees are now able to use E-85 fuel in many of our fleet vehicles. The District has 32 E-85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline) vehicles for employee use. In our fleet, vehicle models that are E-85 compatible include Chevrolet Impalas, Ford Taurus, and some Dodge and Chevrolet trucks.

These vehicles are to be filled with E-85 fuel at all times. E-85 compatible vehicles will have a sticker inside the fuel-filler door indicating the capability for E-85 alternate fuel. In case of emergencies, regular unleaded fuel can be used to get you back to the District garage safely or to the nearest E-85 fueling station.

In District 7, the E-85 fueling locations are located at:
Conserv Fuel, 11699 San Vicente Boulevard, Brentwood area of Los Angeles, 90049. Phone 310-571-0039
Caltrans District 7 Materials Lab site, 1616 S. Wall Street, Los Angeles, 90015. This site uses a driver sign-in clipboard to accurately track fuel usage.

The Voyager Card is accepted at all stations except the District 7 Materials Lab. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Evelyn Collado at (213) 897-0191 or Cathy Nelson at (213) 897-0855.



Find the Materials Lab by looking for this E-85 tank. Log in on the clipboard. (Only at the Materials Lab).