Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014


Issue Date: 09/2008

This letter appeared in the ‘Ventura County Star’ newspaper on August 27, 2008

Highway 33 Dream Team
I would like to thank Caltrans for keeping Highway 33 a safe and beautiful scenic highway. As a resident of the backcountry of Highway 33, I travel 19 miles one way on this highway at least several times a week. Throughout the year, I can encounter snow, hail and torrential rains; or, on an average day, a landslide, boulder or rocks can be around any corner of the switch-backed highway. I can say with confidence that if I see something on the highway coming down (boulders or rocks), it will not be there when I go back up. (Or vice versa.)
As I listen to the local radio weather report, experience has taught me that if they are reporting snow levels at 5,000 feet, it will be at 3,000 to 3,500 feet on Highway 33. There is always the fear in the back of my mind that maybe I won't be able to get up the mountain and back home. But, as I head up to the backcountry on Highway 33, either Caltrans has already plowed the road or I'm right behind them going up. It is nice to know that the team that works this highway is made up of diligent, reliable, hard workers who make me feel secure and safe as I make my drive home. Oh, and they are all very friendly and good-natured, too. Thank you, Mike, and all the Caltrans crew of the (State Route) 33, every one of you. 
Marsha Robison, Ojai