Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
Members of the Construction Division(From left to right) Jason Ngo, Yim Tse, Derek Sim, Peter Chan, and Loi Lam.

by  Maria Raptis
Issue Date: 08/2008

District 7 Construction Division Celebrates Yet Another Milestone Achievement

While the District 7 Office Building is located at 100 S. Main Street, many people would agree that its address should read something like: “100 % $ Main,” giving reference to how often this district reaches 100 percent achievement in project delivery.

On July 29, the Construction Division, under the direct leadership of Peter Chan, Deputy District 7 Director, Construction, along with senior management staff, including Greg Farr, Mark Archuleta, Ghassan Dagher, Fedade Mesfin and Scott McKenzie, and a staff of about 150 people, took time to thank and congratulate each other for a job well done and to recognize the second consecutive year of reaching 100 percent delivery of all construction projects within the district for the 2006/2007 fiscal year. Raja Mitwasi Disrict 7 Chief Deputy Director, addressed and congratulated the group stating the awesome accomplishment of 100% delivery for the District. Mitwasi was joined by several Deputies including Deborah Robertson, External Affairs; Ron Kosinski, Environmental Planning; James McCarthy, Planning; Dan Freeman, Maintenance; Frank Quon, Operations; Tad Teferi, Project Management and Andrew Nierenberg, Right of Way.

“This achievement is something anybody should be proud of doing just once, and District 7 has done it two years in a row with an amazing delivery of construction projects this past fiscal year,” said District 7 Doug Failing. “I have to tell you what an amazing job they did. No place in the history of this department, that I’m aware of, has any district has ever hit 100% of major milestones in construction. This is a phenomenal record. Timely delivery can often be controlled for capital project delivery, design, right of way acquisition and environmental documents. But when a project goes to construction, you are in the hands of the contractor and sub-contractors and all of the things that can possibly happen to delay a project - snow, sleet, rain, fire – anything that happens in nature happens in construction.”

Hats off to Construction, but keep the hard hats on.


Senior Construction Staff, Fekade Mesfin and Mark Archuleta. From left to right: Alex Perez, Eric Collar, Kenicia Lemos, Susana Yang.