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Current Issue: September 2014
Members of the East Region Landscape Maintenance Crew in Pomona perform pruning,  weed removal and irrigation inspection.  From left to right Equipment Operator I Patricia Cabrera, Equipment Operator II    Duane Nolen, Region Plumber Steve Ahrens and Landscape Worker Aaron Mercado.


Issue Date: 08/2008

Keeping California Beautiful Is All In a Day’s Work.

Properly maintaining the California highway system requires a vast array of important elements. One of those elements, Landscape Maintenance, is an integral part of keeping California beautiful. Just ask Anna Parker, an eight-year Maintenance Supervisor for East Region Maintenance in Pomona.

Based out of the Pomona Maintenance yard, Parker and her staff provide many vital services that directly influence the appearance of the freeway roadsides. Whether removing weeds, litter and debris; inspecting or repairing irrigation systems; or supervising Special Programs (court referrals) workers; their year ’round efforts are never-ending. Their area of responsibility covers the San Gabriel River Freeway (SR-57) from Covina Avenue to Gladstone Street; the Chino Valley Freeway (State Route 71) from Rio Rancho Avenue to the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) undercrossing; and I-10 from Azusa Street to the San Bernardino County line.

Bright and early every day at 6 a.m., rain or shine, Parker meets with her dedicated crew to prioritize the days’ responsibilities. Some will check for leaks within the water irrigation system; others will drive two-ton trucks to remove litter and debris; others inspect landscape; and some respond to public inquiries that may have been received. In addition to their regular duties, the crew also supervises up to 14 Special Programs workers who supplement the Caltrans crews helping to perform litter, debris and weed removal.

“The safety and well-being of the Caltrans employees and the Special Program workers is always our first priority,” said Parker. “We make sure that everyone has been properly trained in safety practices and that they are provided with safety equipment.”

The crews put a lot of effort and pride into job performance. “Anna and her crew have always done a excellent job maintaining the area,” said East Region Maintenance Manager John Janton. “Her safety record is outstanding and she always looks for ways to improve the area and train her crew members.”

Caltrans Landscape Maintenance workers fully understand the importance of the jobs they perform. And their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Janton explained that their work has recently been recognized and appreciated by the City of Pomona who contacted him recently to praise the crew's efforts. “With the Los Angeles County Fair approaching, Anna and her staff are doing another great job in cleaning up the area for the thousands of fairgoers," he said.  "They are constantly on the job, working in a challenging environment to provide vital services for the people of California."  For Anna Parker and her six-member Landscape Maintenance crew, keeping California beautiful is all in a day’s work.



Congratulations and best wishes to Anna Parker, Landscape Maintenance Leadworker, who has recently been promoted to Maintenance Superintendent, District 12.  She will begin her new assignment in mid-August.