Inside Seven
Current Issue: September 2014
District Director Doug Failing visits with Chuck Leeger from Maintenance at the award-winning Caltrans exhibit.

by  Jeanne Bonfilio
Issue Date: 10/2006

Caltrans booth named, "One of the Fair's Finest Exhibits!"

Congratulations to everyone who helped coordinate and staff the Caltrans booth at this year's Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona.  The hard work, long hours and dedication were  rewarded with a Purple Ribbon signifying "One of the Fair's Finest Exhibits!" 

Employees greeted thousands of visitors at the fair's exhibit, which ended Sunday, October 1.  Whether it is to educate the public, answer questions or listen to comments, participation at this event is an invaluable means for Caltrans to be accessible to the public in a fun and positive environment.

The exhibit featured safety information and handouts, as well as a dramatic photo display depicting Caltrans projects and maintenance work.  “It is most important for Caltrans to participate,” said Rick Harrison, Safety Specialist who helped coordinate the exhibit with co-workers Linda Caldwell and Ruben Vasquez – and under the leadership of Junius Pierson.  “It's a great opportunity for Caltrans employees to get out and meet with the public personally and promote our "Slow For The Cone Zone" safety campaign.

Employees from many different divisions staffed the exhibit and answered questions from the public in person, explaining the numerous functions of Caltrans, while using the photo display as a valuable tool.  Harrison mentioned that it was a team effort that made the event so successful.  “It is important to reach out and give the public the personal touch, letting them know that behind the trucks and machinery, there are human beings providing a necessary and important service to the traveling public,” added Harrison.

Visitors were also made aware of the “In Memoriam” chart with the names of fallen workers who lost their lives in the line of duty.  Making the public more aware of the dangers of highway work and stressing the importance of safety as the Department’s number one priority, may help to save lives in the future.

Thanks to everyone who took part in making the Caltrans exhibit so successful -- and award-winning.  Once again, teamwork makes a difference!

Maintenance employee Matt Kosareff greets visitors at the informative Caltrans booth. Chuck Leeger and others talk about the importance of safety to familiy members at the Caltrans exhibit. Doug Failing meets and greets with visitors while helping to educate them about the important work done by Caltrans.